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Tutorial - 'Easy Day And Night System' by Darius

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A very easy way to create a day night system in your RM2k game. Complete with day, night, dusk, and dawn.


Scripting Day/Night into your game:

First you must realize that all the names I use in this tutorial for Events and all else, are
just examples for the lack of confusion.

Okay, here we go. . .: First thing's first, you need to go to the database (F8) and go to the
last tab, "common events" here you make a new event called: "Day/Night". Make the event start
condition: "Parallel Process". Make the start conditions a switch called "Day/Night", commands:
(remember you can use the "wait" command as many times as you want to make the
day's and night's as long as you want. In my game I used it 9 times to make 84O seconds, so that
my days and nights last 14 minutes.)

<>Wait: XX.Osec
<>Set screen tone:(Red:1OO,Green:7O,Blue:8O,Chroma:1OO)

This will make a Dusk type setting. Now continue with:

<>Wait: XX.Osec, (however long you want Dusk to last)
<>Set screen tone:(Red:45,Green:45,Blue:1OO,Chroma:1OO)

That will make your Night time setting. Now for Dawn:

<>Wait: XX.Osec, (Best to make it the same lenght as Day)
<>Set screen tone:(Red:1OO,Green:7O,Blue:7O,Chroma:1OO)

There's your dawn. Now for back to the daytime setting:

Wait:XX.Osec, (same length as dusk would again be best)
Set screen tone:(Red:1OO,Green:1OO,Blue:1OO,Chroma:1OO)

There ya go. There's the easiest way to do day and night for RM2k. At least I think.

If you use this in your game, credit is not necessary. Also, if you have anyquestions, comments,
or insults: email me at

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