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Tutorial - 'Intermediate Catipillar System' by Dragnorock

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A more detailed tutorial on making a catipillar system, where characters/NPCs follow the hero in a straight line.


Have you always wanted your party members to follow you?
You can do that but it may take some code. The Intermediate way to do it isn't so hard but it can get confusing if you don't understand switches or fork conditions.

Easy Way:
Okay, first of all you want to create the map of the party member that you want to follow you.
For this part, don't use common events. Trust me it's harder and you have to create certain events in a certain position for every map.
Make an event set the properties as below hero and parallel process. Now, create your party member near a part where your hero teleports to. Example, if your hero enters the castle, you should put your character near the entrance he comes in. Now in the parallel process event, make a fork condition saying that if the certain party member you want isn't in your party yet, turn on a switch that makes the party member who follows you, disappear. The fork could have a ELSE Case but I don't know if it changes it, you can find out.
Here's what you should have in the event:
#???? Is the number switch you have it on.
???? Is the name of the switch.

< >FORK Optn:HeroName is in Party
< >Change Switch : [#????:????]-ON Set
< >
:ELSE Case
< >
END Case
< >

Now, that's not too confusing I hope.
Second step, this part is kind of confusing but I'll try to make it as easy to understand as possible.
On your party member event, check the switch box on top and select the switch you used inside the fork condition.
This way, when the fork detects you have the party member in your party, then it will make the party member visible and have their conditions ready to go.
Alright, now for the second part that makes the party member follow you.
Click on the party member event and add a fork condition.
On the fork condition page, click the second tablet on the top. Check the Event line 3rd row from the top. Go to the right of this line and it says Face Dir; Face Direction.
For the event box, click on your party member's name in it. Then for the Face Dir, click it and press Up.
So now you have a fork condition saying if the party member event is facing up, something will happen.
Let's hold this part right now and return to our party member conditions. Press Hero Touch for the execution of the event, and Same Level as Hero. I know what you're thinking, that you could be trapped in a wall or tight spot or something, but this is the way to fix it. We'll leave that part for later, but now you must set your event movement speed. Set the frequency to 8 and choose By its Route for movement. Click on Edit Route and press Step Toward Hero, it will show up as Follow Hero. Now on the bottom of the white box, there's a check box saying to repeat the movement or not. Check repeat.
Now we have those settings done, let's go back to the fork conditions. Now in the fork condition that you made in the party member event, make a movement event for your hero, and make him/her start slip through, down, down, end slip through. The reason I did this is because if you touch the event which is facing up, it will make you go through him, like in Pokemon Version Yellow with Pikachu, (not that I like Pokemon Versions because they get annoying with all the training and such, but its just public knowledge right?)
Now continue making fork conditions like this 3 more times, but make the event fork facing different directions.
Example, I told you how to make the first fork, so the second fork could be if the event was facing down, left, or right. So if it was facing right, you'd make your character go over him to the left, right? (If that was confusing, especially the last two words.. I meant left, and right as in meaning to confirm my correctness. >_< nevermind I think you get it.) So complete those fork conditions, and in the beginning of your game, make your character a move speed down. So that he is the same speed as your party member. Now all you have to do now is put the party member near every opening, or not every one because some times you might have a cut scene.

Thanks for reading and I hope that it helped you alot, (or any). But it was a pleasure typing this and knowing that someone out there might get help from it!

(Wo yao zou le): I have to go, in Chinese Mandarin.

Dragnorock <----- Asian

^_^ Cya!