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Tutorial - 'Changing Game Logos Tutorial' by Guest

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A tutorial that shows you how to use Resouce Workshop to change the intro logos (the ones that say ASCII, etc.) to whatever you want.


In this tutorial we'll all find out how to change those annoying logos that appear when you run RM2K games outside the editor.

Resourse Workshop (or ResHack) is required for this tutorial, it is available on the downloads page.

No RM2K code is required for this, just the Raw Material Editor (the thingy you import stuff into your game with ;-))

Step 1
First open your games main executable (RPG_RT.exe) in resourse workshop (called RW from now on) and you'll notice that it'll have files called "LOGO1" "LOGO2" and "LOGO3" at the top of the file list!

Step 2
Save LOGO 1, 2 + 3 onto your hard disk, then go into RM2K and open the Raw Material Editor (called RME from now on). Now import the LOGO files you just saved into the "Pictures" folder.

Step 3
Export these pictures as BITMAPS (.BMP) then delete the files from the RME. Open the BMP's you saved in any paint program, and edit away!!!!
(NOTE: do NOT change the dimensions of the pix, otherwise it'll mess up)

Step 4
Re-open the RME, and import them again, yep you guessed it, into the pictures folder! Now export them again, this time as .XYZ files...then delete them from RME again.

Step 5
Go back into RW, and remove the LOGO entries from the top of the list, then import the files YOU just saved with RME, and rename them "LOGO1", "LOGO2" + "LOGO3" (they'll be called XYZ_1, or
something when u import them).

Step 6
VOILA! Save the file, and exit RW. Now run RPG_RT from your game folder, and the logos at the Start will be your own!!!

Well, that was lovely wasnt it kiddies :-P

-any bugs, or something ive missed out, e-mail me : ""