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A short tutorial about protecting your games from unwanted outside editing.


Hello again!
In this VERRYYY short tutorial, I'll let you in on a little to make your games

All you need is a HEX editor (i recommend "Translhextion", which is on the Utilities page)

Step 1
Open "RPG_RT.exe" in your HEX editor and switch to text editing mode, (useually the TAB key) and then do a search+replace for "lmu" (you can replace it with any 3 letters, but remember which 3 you choose). When it's done, save the file and exit the HEX editor.

Step 2
You remember which 3 letters you chose earlier? Well its time to use them : Rename ALL your maps extensions (.lmu, ring any bells?) to those 3 letters (.gaz, for example ^_^).

Step 3
To check if it works, load your RPG up in RM2K, and OH MY GOD!! WHATS HAPPENED TO YOUR MAPS!?
Dont worry, the data isnt read properly by RM2K as the extensions are wrong, but your RPG_RT file can read them perfectly.

Step 4
If you want your games TOTALLY un-openable in RM2K, repeat the above steps for the ".ldb" and ".lmt" file extensions. Remember to rename any files in the RPG directory that have these extensions, if done correctly you wont even be able to open the project.

There...un-editable games! :-D

-Any bugs, or something I've missed out, e-mail me : ""