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Tutorial - 'Standard Game Intro Tutorial' by Guest

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A beginners' tutoial that covers how to make a general introdution for your RM2K game.


Standard Game Intro Tutorial
By GazzaUnreal

Hey again, 8th tutorial, doesnt time fly ;-).

In this one im going to show you how to make a standard game intro, with the main character just walking around somewhere, and text on the foreground, explaining whatever you want, maybe the backround to the game...well...lets get started!

For this intro to work properly, you must set your main hero's graphic to a blank charset in the Database. There are plenty around, a few in the RTP Add-On pack.

When making games in the past, you've put the Party Start Position on the first playable map, if you want to use an intro, you have to put the Start Position actually on the intro map, but of course, you wont be able to see them because they have no graphic! Make sure the start position is out of the way of all the rest of the stuff on the map when you make it. Firstly make the map how you want it, and in a place in the room put an event with the graphic that you want your hero to have throughout the game (it isnt your hero, but the player will assume it is). Make it "Paralell Process" and "Same Level As Hero". The movement we want it have is "Random" and make it the normal speed.

Next, make an event with no graphic, put it in the top right corner of the map where it'll be out of the way. This one is also a "Paralell Process" and make it "Above Hero". In the event commands, choose "Message Style" from the first page of commands, and set it to "Middle" in the position, and "Transparent". Be sure to un-tick the "Prevent Hero From Hiding" box, and make sure the "Allow Other Events To Continue" is always ticked.

Then put in all the text you want, this can be anything, the backround story, perhaps explaining a little bit about our hero, or a tragic event that occured in the past which has set this whole RPG in motion. Its up to you, it all depends on what your RPG will be about.

After all the text is finished, choose "Message Style" again, make sure it isnt transparent, and un-check the "Allow Other Events To Continue" box, and check the "Prevent Hero From Hiding" box. This ensures that any other speech you have later on will be how you want it.

Next, choose the "Set Screen Tone" from the second page of commands, and slide all the sliders to the left, leave the "Wait Untill Done" box ticked, and put the time to 10. The next command is on the "Set Hero Walk GFX" on the first page, choose the graphic you would like the hero to have (the one you set for the event that was walking around earlier). This changes the hero's picture from nothing to the proper charset. Push ok in the event, and save what u've done.

Make your second map (the first playable map) and then go back to the event we were editing just now. Put a "Teleport" underneath the rest of the stuff you did, and choose a place on the second map (which is again the first actual playable map) to teleport to. Thats it for this event, save it and move to your second map.

On the second map, the first map after your intro, make another event with no graphic and make it "Paralell Process" and "Above Hero". Not much to go in the event commands, just add a "Set Screen Tone" using the same settings as the last one we did, but make sure the sliders are all in the middle (so it sets the screen tone back to what it should be) and then add a "Change Switch" command, which is on the first page. Make it turn a switch called "Intro Over" ON.

Click the "New Page" button, this will add a second page to this event. Use the same options as the first page, but put the "Event Conditions" to the "Intro Over" switch you just turned on. Dont put anything in the event commands.

There!! Your done! A brand spanking new intro to start your game off!!!

-any bugs, or something ive missed out, e-mail me : ""