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Tutorial - 'Chests Made Ez!' by Mellowz

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A tutorial that shows beginners how to make chests in RM2K(3).


This was made for all those new people to RM2K or RM2K3. Ever wanted a Chest containing someting for your hero to pick up on the way? Read on!

What you need to know:
- Switches
- Messages (lol)

Chapter 1: Chests

Step 1: Click On Event Layer, and then Right-Click on the Map, where you want the Chest to be. Make it 'Action key' and 'Same Layer as Hero'.

Step 2: Double Click on the Event Coding Area, and click 'Message'. Have it say, "You opened the Chest".

<>Message: You open the Chest.

Step 3: Now, we're going to have to make a Switch. Right click again, and click 'Switch Operations'. Have it be set to 'Single Switch', and then click on the ..., and name your switch (I named it Chest: Open1). Click Ok, and then click Ok again. You have made half of the switch!

<>Switch Operation: [XXXX:Chest:Open1] ON

Step 4: Make a new page, and before we do anything, look at the upper left side of the screen. Make a Check Mark, next to on of the Switches below Preconditions, and then click on the ... again. Find the switch you just made and click Ok. Make sure you changed the graphic to an Open Chest too.

Step 5: Double-Click on the Coding Area again, and click on 'Item Management'. Under Operation, click Add. Under Select Item, click on the item that you want to be in the Chest. Under Amount, make the number whatever you want. (I had a Potion in my Chest.)

<>Change Items: Potion 1 Add

Step 6: Double-Click again, and have a Message say 'Obtained a [Name of Item]'.

<>Message: Obtained a Potion.

Step 7: Make another Switch, and name it, 'Chest: Open1-2'.
(To see how to do this again, please go back to Step 3.)

<>Switch Operation: [XXXX:Chest: Open1-2] ON

Step 8: Make a new page and Check Mark the Switch like we did in Step 4.

Step 9: Then, make a Message say 'The Chest is Empty'.

<>Message: The Chest is Empty.

That's it, but let check your work!


<>Message: You opened the Chest.
<>Switch Operation: [XXXX:Chest: Open1] ON


(Have the box Check Marked with the Switch beside it.)

<>Change Items: Potion 1 Add
<>Message: Obtained a Potion!
<>Switch Operation: [XXXX:Chest: Open1-2] ON


(Have the box Check Marked with the Switch beside it.)

<>Message: There is nothing in the Chest.

I sure hoped this tutorial helped all of you who needed help making Chest! Good Luck, on your Game!

~ Mellowz