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Tutorial - 'Fork Option Tutorial' by Darius

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Teaches you how to use Fork Options and what they do.


Fork options are actually very easy, I suggest you learn about variables and switches before Fork
Options though.

Okay, first what you do is make a variable or switch. Basicly what a Fork option is, is a
confirmation for an event. A fork option says, okay, if this variable (or switch) is like this,
(or on) than do this. Then you have an optional else case, this is so that if it is NOT like
this, it knows what to do. If there is no else case, it will do nothing. There ya go, there is
your description, now for a tutorial:

First make your variable (or switch), now, go to the event commmands third tab right column and
about the third or fourth one down is Fork Conditions. Choose this and select your switch or
variable that you made. Now, if you want this event to work only if this variable is above a
certain number, choose that number, go to the arrow below and click on "above" you can also
choose a switch to activate this and choose ON or OFF. Now, you can either make it so that you
have this or it does nothing, or if you don't have this it does something else. If it does
nothing, go to the box that says "add else case" and uncheck it. If it is to do something else,
than check that box. Now, you can also go to page two, and make the event depend on different
things, like what hero's are in your party and so on. Now, click "ok", and look in your event
commands, it should look like this if you have no else case:

(I'm going to use a variable)
<>FORK Optn varbl:[####:Your Variable Name]
:End case

And this if you have an else case:

<>FORK Optn varbl:[####:Your Variable Name]
:Else case
:End case

Now, right after the FORK Optn varbl event, where the <> is indented, you want to enter what will
happen if your fork option is true, or right. If you added the else case, do the same, only
after else case, you would put what would happen if your FORK Optn varbl was not true or right.

Well, now that you know that, everything else about Forking conditions will be easy to understand
and you'll get it now. Hope I helped ya. If you need any other help or if you have questions or
comments, email me a, L8ah all, and have fun makin' RPG's.