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Tutorial - 'Honor System' by Andy3012

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A tutorial for a interesting idea where you can bury the bones of monsters that you destroyed to increase your "Honor."


This is a bit like the Prayer system In Rune scape, where you bury bones, and prayer, for prayer points. But I decided to call it Honor system.
To start with we are going to be doing getting Honor for Burying Bones. (You need to make 2 swtiches Bones, and Honor)

1) Make a new Item Call it Bones (or something similar), Change its type to switch, and create a new switch called Bones and turn it on.

2) Goto common Events, Make a new Common Event, that should be parallel Process. Now you'll see you can now trigger a switch. You want the Bone switch to be on. And now for the coding part.

<> Message: Are you sure you want to bury The Bones.
<> Show Choices: Yes/No
: [Yes] Handler
<> Change Items: Bones 1 Remove
<> Variable Operation: [Honour] + 1
<> Message: Your Honor has been Increased
<> Message: You are now \v[Honor] Honourable
<> Switch Operation: [Bones] Off
: [No]

Ok, now for this system to work. You need to get the bones. And how do you get bones I wander, by killing people! So if you are using the Normal Battle system, Then you could make it that the monsters drop this item for you. But if you are using a CBS or ABS, then you should be smart enough to figure the rest out for yourself. With Switches! Good Lucky and I Hope you enjoyed this part. But I'll be back with my second Part (Praying), and a third part for learning skills with your honour!

Have Fun