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Tutorial - 'Rideable Horse' by Guest

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A short tutorial on how to add a horse-riding system in your RPG.


This is my first tutorial, so it may not work quite right. I'm new. If done correctly this should make a rideable horse that you can mount or dismount, and should make hero walk speed faster (kind of like the run tut, but more interesting.)

You need:
Knowledge of-
Common Events
Chipset and Charset creation
A horse Charset
A "hitchpost" chip
A person riding horse charset (put hero char over horse char and edit a little)

Okay, first, make an event and call it horse (or the name of your horse) and put the horse graphic on it, dont do anything with it yet.

Now make a hitchpost the same way RIGHT NEXT TO THE HORSE, and leave it alone. Make sure both of these are the same layer

For the horse, put in these commands in:

<> Message: Ride (Horse name)?
<> Show Choice: Yes/No - cancel= choise two
Yes Case
<> Set hero walk graphic (riding horse)
<> change switch: (on horse)
<> play SE: Horse - a nice touch
<> call common event (horse)
No Case:
End Case

Now make another page, under conditions say Switch: (riding Horse) on and make a blank graphic because you are riding the horse

now we need to create the common event from earlier. Make it a call event, and put in this commands:
<>Move event- Hero: Speed down x3, speed up x4

Now you should have a good working horse, but how do you get off? Thats where the hitching post comes in. Make a second page and make the second page conditions be Switch: (riding horse on) and make these commands:

<>Message: Dismount?
<>Show Choice: Yes/No
Yes Case
<>Set hero walking graphic: normal
<> Switch: (riding horse) off

If you want multiple hitching places, copy the post and the horse and paste them in different places.

If it worked correct, you should have made a horse that you can mount or dismount, and that runs faster than your main character. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of animals. and tell me if you know a way to prevent the horse from going into buildings, but still go into different maps .