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Tutorial - '"Soul" System' by Guest

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A tutorial by DoomAtma about making a interesting "Summon Possession" soul system.


First tutorial, so don't blame me if I screw up.

This may only work on RM2k3, but you may be able to adapt it for use in RM2k.

Tired of having to search for or make your own summon sprites? Well, this "fairly" simple system will save you much trouble.
First of all, you should create a skill subset. You may want to create a new class for this. As an example we'll use "Morpher". I called my subset "Possession" but you can call it whatever you want. If you don't know how to create a new skill type, just go to the Class tab in the database and select "Set" by the character battle commands. Next create conditions in the name of whatever you want your summon substitutes to be. As an example, we'll use "Ifrit". Make sure they do not restrict action, cause damage, etc., but you may want it to double a certain stat. Now create some local skills targeted at Self which causes the status conditions you just made. As an example we'll use "IfritPossess"Next, you should create some "Skill Book" items which teach the class these abilities. Example is "Ifrit's Soul". Next, create a new skill subset. As an example we'll call it "Incinerate". Add some attack skills and perhaps some enhancing and effect magic. MAKE SURE IT IS SET TO THE NEW SKILL SUBSET, INCINERATE.The tricky parts are coming up, so be prepared.

Now, create a Common Event. Make it a "Call", set the switch to [##:possess] and stick in the following commands:

<>Branch if *insert hero* Ifrit condition:
<>Change skills:IfritPossess remove
(continue for all spirits)
<>Change Battle Commands:*hero* Incinerate add
<>Change skills:(Insert the skills you created here)

Now, make a page in all your "e.groups" event window which is triggered when switch [##:possess] is ON, and have it call this common event. Copy and paste this page for all your monster groups. What fun :P.

Great. At this point it should work, although after battle your character's "Incinerate" subset remains. However, this is fairly simple to fix.

First, create switches for all your spirits. Create a simple Parallel Process common event which simply states that the switch turns ON when your hero can use the "IfritPossess" skill. Do this for all summons. Do not create an else branch.
Now, create a third Parallel Process common event and branch it if hero *summon skill i.e. Hellfire* usable.
Change the battle commands and skills back to normal, including the hero's "IfritPossess" skill,
then branch if the switch you made for another summon is ON and add that summon's "*****Possess" skill. Continue for all summons.

By now you should be done. I'm pretty sure I covered it all, but I may have left out a key part or two.