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Tutorial - 'A Minigame Similar to Bowling' by Dimensionwyrm

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A mini-game similar to bowling, but you have to get the ball into a hole instead of knocking down pins.


If you've ever been to an arcade with a game like bowling except instead of knocking down pins, you roll the ball down and try to get it in a hole, this is it.

First off, this is a tut about making a minigame that has a meter for power and a meter for aim. Correct timing will score some good points.NOTE: there are two ways to make this. The second one is at the end.

DIFFICULTY: 3 out of 5

1)Moderate knowledge of RM2K/3(both work)
2)Extended knowledge of fork conditions and input key
3) graphics of: the bowling lane(chipset), the bowling ball(Charaset), and meters(pictures)

1)Open RM2K/3
2)import the images
3)Put together the chipset
4)Place an event using the ball in the middle(You can use multiple events to make it look big if you know how)

1)In the bowling ball event, make it auto-start, with the condition being the switch power start is on. Turn it on when you begin.
2)First of all, make it show picture "1"(the blank power meter) in the designated place.
3)Make a label, numbered "1". Inside, wait 0.3 seconds(to reduce lag and pause before increasing the meter) then increase the variable power by one. Make a fork condition checking if the power variable is above maximum(this will be based on your meter). In the branch case have it return the variable power to 0. Don't put in an else case.
4)Have it then call event "show power meter"(we will make that later; it changes the picture). Wait another 0.0 seconds to reduce lag. Then put in an input key. Have it use the action key and the variable stop meter.
5)After that place a fork condition if the variable stop meter is "5", or the action key number. In the branch case have it turn off the switch Power start or whatever you called it. Then turn on the switch aim start, which will activate page 2. In the else case have it jump to label "1".

1)Make another page, autostart and if the switch aim start is on.
2)Make this the same as earlier until step 4 is done except change every ting to be based on aim. For example, instead of power put aim and instead of calling show power meter call show aim meter.
3)This is just about the same except the end. Turn off switch aim start the turn on the switch "check if hit".

Now this part looks kinda complicated because of all the fork conditions. I will base this on a maximum of 20 power and aim to make it simple.None of the forks will have else cases.NOTE:Before this have it fade out the screen.
Make a fork if the variable power is greater than or equal to 17. Within that make another one if power is less less than or equal to 19.(for height). Then within that make another fork to check if AIM is less than or equal to 3.
Within that check if the variable aim is greater than or equal to 1. In that have it raise the variable score by however much you want. Have it return you to the map you started at.
2)Repeat this for the rest of the holes, making the differences between the forks bigger or smaller. Vary the score given as well.

This is how to make the events that show the meters.
1)Make an action key blank event in the corner.Make its start condition the switch "power start". Make a fork checking if the variable power is 1. In the branch case have it show power 1 in place of power meter 0. In the else case make another fork to check if the variable is 2. In the branch case show picture 2 instead.repeat this until you finish, but at the end check if the variable power is zero. In the branch case show picture power meter 0.
2)In page two make it the same as page 1 except the start condition is the switch aim start and switch all the variables and pictures. My suggestion is that you use a cursor instead of a horizontal meter.

Well that's it! Now you have a working "Bowling system" It could be used to make a bowling minigame, though. Just instead of power affecting height have it make the aim meter faster and it also affects how close it has to be to knock down a pin. But that could make another tut.
If I left anything out or you are having trouble post it and I can help.