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Tutorial - 'A Skill Combining System' by Guest

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A tutorial on a system where you can combine two weaker spells (such as Fire1 and Fire2) to get a stronge spell (like Fire3).


This is a simple system similar to the item mixing system by Guest. However, this implements skills instead. RM2K3 ONLY(It can work on 2K but isn't as realistic). I will give instructions for 2K afterwards).


1)Go to the database and make a battle command called Combine Skills. Make its arche type link to event. DO NOT give it to the hero, however. Now make the skills:2 weak skills and the combined powerful one). Make a battle event with its start ccondition being hero1 uses the battle command Combine Skills.

1)In the previous event we prepared. In the battle event make a message saying "what would you like to combine?"
Make a show choice.Make the choices Fire1+Fire2,Ice1+Ice2,and so on, the last one being other.Under other make a show choice with more spells.
2)We will do Fire1+Fire2 for now. Here is it in code.
<>Message:What would you like to combine?
<>Show Choices:Fire1+Fire2/Ice1+Ice2/Bolt 1+Bolt 2/other
:[Fire1+Fire2] handler
<>Branch if var times combined is less than 10
<>Branch if switch [xxxx:fused fire] is off
<>Call common event:Check skills(I will explain this later)
<>Branch if var [xxxx:Skill] is 1
<>Change Skills:Hero1 Fire1 remove
<>Change skills:Hero1 Fire2 remove
<>Change skills:Hero1 Fire3 remove
<>variable oper: [xxxx:Times combined]+1
: Else Case
<>Message:You already have Fire 3!
: Else Case
<>Message:You already have Fire 3!
3)Repeat for the rest. Now make a parallel process event on every map. On page 1 have make a conditional branch to check if the variable times combined(the one for fire) is less than ten. In the branch case teach hero1 the two original skills again and remove the stronger skill. In the else case only reteach the weaker skills.After the end case repeat for the other skills.

1)Time to make the check skills common event. Make it call. Make a conditional branch to check if hero1 has the skill fire1.Make another branch inside of it that checks if hero1 also has the skill fire2.In the branch case have it set the variable skill to 1. Repeat for the other skills except change the variables to different numbers.
2)Since you don't have the command teach it to the hero when he knows both of the weaker skills.

1)Replace the battle command with an item.

There! Now you have a working in-battle skill fusing system.
If you learned how to make this from this tutorial please give me credit. If you found any errors post it in a comment. Have fun!