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Tutorial - 'A Party Changing System for Newbies' by Dimensionwyrm

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A easier and much shorter tutorial on making a simple party-changing system.


This is a simple tutorial after I saw an old party-changing system that was veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrryyyyyyy long and a bunch of people complained about how all those tuts were way too
complicated to comprehend through their minds.

Make a system that lets you change parties.

DIFFICULTY: 1.5 out of 5

all the obvious things (computer, RM2K, etc.)
basic overall knowledge of RM2K
graphics for each hero


Make sure you have the following done:
All heroes made
RM2K running properly


1)Make a map, preferably with an unusual background, 20x15.

Surround the edge with black tiles so it seems as only 8x2.NOTE:MAKE SURE THE BLACK IS IMPASSIBLE.

Place hero1 in the first box on the to row. Make it do nothing, as you cannot remove the main hero. Make hero2 next to it, and leave page 2's start condition that the switch "hero2 in party" is on. Make its graphic continuous.(Leave page 1's coding blank). Repeat the process on the remaining heroes.

2)In the row below that make a below hero event in each box. Make them all push key. In the first one, under the hero, play an error sound and make a message saying "You cannot remove hero1!" or something similar. In the box next to it on page 1 , same conditions as the previous one, but instead make a fork condition and check if the variable "party" is equal to 4. In the branch case have it play an error sound and say "Your party is full!" or something similar. In the else case have it add hero2 and increase the variable "party" by one. Also turn on the switch hero2. Make a page 2. Same start conditions except add the switch "hero2" in the start conditions. Have it say, "remove hero2 from party?" and a show choice, yes or no. In the yes case have remove hero2 from party, turn off the switch hero2 and lower the variable party by one. Repeat for the rest but change the switch hero2 to hero3 and so on.


Make this at an inn or something and have it memorize location. Then fade screen and change hero graphic to an arrow pointing up. Fade in the screen.

There you go! Now you have a simple party switch system!!

If you find any bugs post it in a comment. This is so simple I don't care if you use it and don't give me credit although if you learned it from here it would be appreciated.