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Tutorial - 'Using MP and Skills to Make Limit Breaks' by Chimera963

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A simple RM2K-compatible tutorial about using skills to make limit breaks.


Hi, I'm back again with another tut!
I am rewriting this because the other was strangely deleted off this site.

INTRO- This will teach you and guide you through how to use Hero Skills and MP to make a limit break system, like the one in Final Fantasy 7(If you haven't, play it, it's a classic!), except this system depend on the damage a hero takes. Gradually your MP will build up using a condition and then when it is at full you can use a skill which uses up all your MP. Ok, I've explained what I'm gonna do so let's just get to it.

MAKING THE CONDITION- Go into database and to the conditions tab. Now make a new condition that:
Persists after battle, priority 1, No restriction, Hit percentage 100%, ABCDE 100%, Animation 1, Recover 0% + 2 MP every turn. Now name it "Normal" or something(every hero will have it as their default condition so name it something normal).

MAKING THE CONDITION DEFAULT- Make a parallel process common event called "default condition" or something. Now make a conditional branch saying:
If "Hero" has the "Normal" condition. Now in the else case make it add the condition to that hero. So it is basically checking if the hero has the condition and if not then it is added. Now copy this script and paste it and then edit it for every hero in your game(DON'T paste it into the else case!).

MAKING THE LIMIT SKILL- Ok, just start a new skill. Name it something cool and give it a wicked animation. Make it use 100% of the user's MP and put in the damage it'll take off. Do all the rest of the skill and then add it to your heroes.

There you have it. A simple limit break system.
Please can all of you who like complaining saying things like "Oh, I want it to occur when the hero has taken hits" and stuff just keep it to yourself. If you do want certain things to happen in the system then EDIT IT YOURSELF because most of you are smart enough to do that.
I hope you liked my tut.