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Tutorial - 'Platforming in RM2K' by need2sk8

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A nice tutorial that shows you how to implement a easy platformer (with jumping) in RM2K.


I never knew that making a platformer in rm2k was so easy. Until I tried it. This tutorial covers all the basic elements that you will need to make a basic platformer in rm2k. It is aimed most at noob – intermediate.

You will need:

1)The Chipset
First get a 'side view' chipsets (like in platformer games), these are very hard to find so I suggest you really search hard. I found a Mario one off sky tower games so I am going to use that for this tutorial. Make sure the Chipset has atleast two blank blocks in it on the upper layer (if not edit it) because you will need these for the walking and non-walking blocks

Now we set up the chipset. Access the ‘Database’ and go to ‘Chipsets’. Import your chipset and edit it (O, [], * or X) and leave one of the blank boxes (in the upper layer) * and the other X.

2)Map creation

Create a map.
Now, I really do suggest you use a ‘Paralax’ Background. So to set it up by right clicking you’re newly made map and left-clicking ‘Map Properties’. Check ‘Use Parallax Background’ and set it to the image you want in the BG (I used a sky). Now check ‘Horizontal Pan’, ‘Auto Scroll’ and put the speed to ‘2’. This will give a sideways scrolling sky.

Now create your beautiful map. To make it work as a platformer and not just let you walk across the sky, place the blank ‘*’ blocks the places you want the hero to walk (usually above the platforms) and the ‘X’ blank blocks in the places you don’t want your hero to walk. **not on the platforms, you should have already put the to ‘X’**.


Ok, this is where you have to implement some code.

Go to the ‘Database’ again and select the tab ‘Common Events’. Make its name ‘Jumping’ and change the options at the top to Parallel Process and make it a switch called ‘Switch Able’. Also, make a variable called ‘Jumping’.

Now code this into the event:

I don’t think I have to go into details because it is pretty self-explanatory. All it really does is if the player presses the ‘Action’ key it checks the player’s direction (left or right) then proceeds with the Move event (the jump).

Another thing you can do is make different jumps on the map. For example, the jumping code only jumps over one block, but the gap is 2 blocks wide. Then you have to turn the switch off, then create the move event (something like ‘Start Jump, Up, Right, Right, Right, Down, End Jump’). For this you could also check the players direction and add the left move event version for if the player is facing left for the jump.


I know you can add A LOT more features to your rm2k platformer but this tutorial is only to serve you as your basic building block =D. Have fun with it… I did.

~Need2sk8 (First tutorial :D)