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Tutorial - 'Sword Power-up on Level-up' by Newbi3

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A short and concise tutorial about having your weapon level-up instead of forcing the player to purchase new equipment.


This tutorial may sound kinda wierd, but if you want you character to have one particular sword that increases its attack when you level up, then this is your tutorial. Sounds weird, eh? Note: This is my second tutorial!

Fork Conditions

Now Make 50 items. (One for each lvl up, and the 1st has attack of 5, the second 10, etc.) Name them all *Ultima Sword* (You can name it anything, but I will use this for this tutorial.)

Now make common event called Sword lvl up.
And also a Variable, lets say Lvl up.
And let's say hero name is Cloud.

Make it auto-start. When you're done, it should look like the coding below.

<>Variable Ch:[V[0001]] Set, Cloud Level
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0001:Lvl Ups]-1
<>Add/Remove Item:Ultima Sword1->1 Decr.
<>Add/Remove Item:Ultima Sword2->1 Incr.
<>Note: The 1 and 2 don't mean anything, I am just trying to get across the difference of the two, the second is more powerful than the 1st.
<>END Case
<>FORK Optn:
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0001:Lvl Ups]-2
<>Add/Remove Item:Ultima Sword2->1 Decr.
<>Add/Remove Item:Ultima Sword3->1 Incr.
<>END Case

And you keep following that same pattern... Easy as pie.
Now, there is one problem, what if the character SELLS the sword and can't upgrade it? I think I saw a tutorial on GAMINGW on how to make an item unsellable. :)