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Tutorial - 'How to Create an ABS Non-EXP Leveling System' by Guest

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An alternative system where you gain experience and level up in certain areas (like damage taken -> defense), revised for an RM2K(3) ABS!


So, you decided a Sword of Mana type game (you walk around and hit the Enter key to hit an enemy on-screen), but you want to do it a little differently. No EXP, like in FF2? Brilliant! But, how do I do it in an ABS? That's why I'm here. I'm going to tell you how to make an ABS stat increase system for RM2K games using, aforementioned so many times already, an Action Battle System (ABS).

You'll need knowledge of common events, parallel processes, and some knowledge of variables and forks.

Step 1: Make Your Hero
Set the Max Field Number in the Hero database to 1, delete Alex, and make your hero. Set his level to 1 and his maximum level to 1. For this example, the stats are as follows...

Max HP: 10; Max MP: 0; Attack: 2; Defense: 3; Mind: 1; Agility: 1

Now that you've made your hero, you should now make the foes he will fight. Set up an ABS using the tutorial at this link:

After making your enemies, create the following variables, excluding the ones in the ABS...

damagecause, heroHP, heroMP, heroATK, heroDEF, heroMAG, heroSPD, KILLCOUNT, DAMAGETAKEN

Now make 8 Common Events; Hero's HP, Hero's MP, Strength/Defense/Magic/Speed/HP/MP Growth & finally Growth Amount. Set all events' Start Conditions, excluding HP and MP Growth, to Parallel Process, and set HP and MP Growth's Start Conditions to Call.

Go into Hero's HP and set the following options; Change Variable heroHP to set to Max HP of Hero. Copy this and paste it to Hero's MP and set the variables accordingly from HP to MP.

Now, go into Strength Growth, and set a variable change to set heroATK to the Hero's Attack rating. Now, add a fork that states if variable KILLCOUNT becomes the same as variable heroATK, change the Hero's Attack by the variable GROWTH, create a message stating that the Hero's strength has increased, and reset KILLCOUNT to 0. In ELSE case, do nothing. An example message for the stat increase confirmation is included in the event page summary, which you shall now see below...

<>Change Variable: Var[xxxx:heroATK] (Set)-Hero's Attack
<>If Var(xxxx: KILLCOUNT) V[xxxx](=)
<>Change Ability: (Hero's Attack) V[xxxx] (Add)
(The variable above will be set to GROWTH and be random due to the event Growth Amount.)
<>Set Message Options:Opaque, Middle, Fixed, Wait until done.
: :Hero feels stronger than ever!
: :Hero's strength has risen to \V[xxxx] points.
(The variable above will be heroATK.)
<>Change Var: Var[xxxx:KILLCOUNT] (Set)- 0
:Else Case
:End Case

Confused? Basically, what this does is check if how many enemies the Hero has killed since his last strength increase is equal to the current strength of the Hero. If it is, then the Hero's strength goes up, and then the kill count resets. Now, copy this to the other stat growth events and reset variables accordingly, DAMAGETAKEN to Defense, MANATAPPED to Magic, and LOCKSPICKED to Speed.

Now, this is where it gets a bit trickier. Go into Defense Growth and add Call Event: HP Growth under Change Variable: DAMAGETAKEN Set 0. Now, go into HP Growth and add Change Ability set to the Hero's Max HP going up by the amount in the variable GROWTH. Change the variable heroHP to set itself to the Hero's Max HP. Create a message confirming this change. An example message is included in the below event page summary.

<>Change Ability: (Hero's Max HP) V[xxxx] (Add)
(The above variable should be GROWTH and will be random due to the Growth Amount event.)
<>Change Var: Var[xxxx:heroHP] (Set)-Hero's Max HP
: :Hero's max HP has increased!
: :Hero's max HP is now \V[xxxx].
(Set this variable to heroHP.)

Copy the contents and paste them into MP Growth and change events and contents accordingly from HP to MP.

Now, the last part that is a MUST, the Growth Amount event. Go into this event and create a variable change that sets the variable GROWTH to a random number between 2 aand 4. You may change this number if you wish.

There, now your hero will have his stats change when certain things happen to him! In the example above, they change when the follow happens...

ATK: When he kills a certain number of enemies.
DEF & HP: When he is hit a number of times.
MAG & MP: When he uses a certain amount of objects that invovle Magic.
SPD: When he picks a certain amount of locks.

I hope you use this in your RPG, and maybe it'll be a hit. But, never-the-less, this is a system that can have it's flaws, so don't always think it'll be good.

Now, to leave you with a movie quote:
"Don't drink and bake."