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Tutorial - 'Target Variable' by Grandmaster_jaffer

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A tutorial on a targeting variable for custom battle systems and even the default.


Alright, first off, this was made by Jaffer(Grandmaster_jaffer) and if you need a better description, email me at

[-Target Variable Operation-]
This variable'll make you life much easier, though only compatable with CBS, CMS, ans CSS really.

Aight here's the scoop...(NOTE: Variables # can be changed...)
1.) Make a variable [1028]-Target Variable
2.)Take an exsisting variable and do this

Change Variable [1028]-Target Variable <->[212]-Jaffers HP 1,000/100

Now, there are many things you can do from this position...

Fork Condition---> V[1028] = V[XXXX]
Mssg:You da man!
Else Case
Mssg:You suck dude!

Or this

Fork---> V[1028] = 1
Move event: J's HP 1,000/100 Change 00-36-1 face right
Fork---> V[1028] = 2
Move event: J's HP 1,000/100 Change 00-36-1 face down
Fork---> V[1028] = 3
Move event: J's HP 1,000/100 Change 00-36-1 face left

This above operation is similar to the one in Final Fantasy: Crystal wings (Which you can download at

But, they use the Main variable (I.E. V[212]-Jaffers HP 1,000/100 which takes longer, because you'd have to change all fork conditions, and he has over 900!

Also, make it in a map event in which you wanna change its graphic, say move this event.

Then copy and paste and change the Target Variables Value to [213]-Jaffers HP 10/1
It'll need no other changes... (Don't make these PP events! Call them from one main event and after you get hit.)

One last thing, age dosen't make you a better maker, I'm 13 and my game got a 9.4!
Belive in youself, and do what you can... do not set you goals to something you can't reach.