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Tutorial - 'How to Make a Shop Interior' by rpgcreater2003

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A tutorial about designing good maps for shops and their ilk.


How to Make a Shop Interior
Here's what you need to know:
How to place chipsets
and events
now here's my tut:

1. Create a new map. The default size of 20x15 works fine for smaller buildings. This one is going to be an Item Shop, so I'll just make the name "Item Shop" so I can see at a glance what it is.
Set the chipset to "Inner" and fill the map with either of the last two chips on the third row:

2. First, the floor. Use the "draw rectangle" tool, and make a large rectangle. Leave at least one space of blackness on all sides of the rectangle.

3. At this angle, only the back wall will be visible. (this is the standard view for RM2k RPG's) I usually make my walls 2 tiles high, and "cap" them on the ends with the support beam chips.

4. It's important to know where the exit is, and since it's at the front of the building, we won't be able to put a door there. To make it obvious, I add a single floor chip at the edge of my rectangular floor, and add the upper layer chip that looks like light shining in, or a bit of tracked-in dirt. Since the item shop on my town map has its entrance slightly to the left of the building's center, I'll put my exit in roughly the same place.

5. That looks like an awful lot of open space to be dealing with, so I'll add some interior walls. Draw the top of the wall first, with the same chip you filled the map with in step 1.

6. Add the front of the wall, the same way you made the back wall. I've also added wooden supports to the rear wall, to emphasize the new wall.

7. A shop needs a counter, and there are already chips set to act as counters. They look good, and they're set by default to act as a counter (meaning that "talking" to the counter will actually talk to the person behind the counter). I like to do a short line of the center chip, then "cap" it with one or both of the end pieces. I'll make this one a U-shaped counter,
to keep things interesting.

8. I'll put my shopkeeper behind the counter, and add a door into that back room. I'll just have the door show a message saying "Locked," since I don't want any stray heros wandering into the shopkeeper's secret stash. As long as I'm doing events, I'll make an "On Hero Touch" event at the exit to teleport the hero back outside. I've also added some chips to make a "frame" for the door. This adds a touch of realism and interest.

9.Well, it's functional, but it's empty. Let's liven it up with some objects. Item shops are massive junk shops in my world, so I'll just start putting anything and everything in the shop. I'll also add a large bookcase from the lower chips, as well as some windows on the back wall.

Thats all I have for my tut. Enjoy with the new shop interiors!