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Tutorial - 'Message Box Commands' by Guest

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An interesting tutorial on allowing message speed customization...without using dozens of FORK statements for each message!


As a newcomer here at gamingw (as far as participating
community wise) this is my first tutorial to present to
everybody. Basically "Message Box Commands - Variables In
Commands" are referred to as commands used inside of RPG
Maker 2000/3 that do special functions to message boxes.
There are some things in this tutorial I am pretty sure
not many people are aware of so please read on.

Little do some people know, I recently discovered this
myself just for the hell of it I tried this out and it
worked. Say you wanted to set a custom message box speed
right? Well those of us who have done this before may have
had to place the command \S[1-20] right? And this would be
for EVERY message box with forks to each setting. I
discovered a way to do this without forks and switches.

Simply put you can place variables inside the commands

This really is more "advanced" users who know what I
may be talking about... but to clarify it a little more
this is how it would work.

Take this simple command \S[2]

Now, that means speed = 2 for the message box speed,
could you imagine having to set forks for each speed you
make and turning on switches? There is an easier way!


That takes the \S[] command and puts a variable into it.
So you have \S[\V[]] then you put the variable number:
\S[\V[1]] that would output into the message box:
\S[#] but instead of having to do forks and switches it's
all done by a single variable! Saving probably over 100-
700 lines of code.

To set a custom message box speed:
Atari Deserves Credit For That ^