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Tutorial - 'Making Kirby in RPG Maker 2003' by Guest

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An interesting and detailed tutorial that shows you how to add a Kirby-like character (that can inhale and eat enemies for abilities) to your game.


This is mainly for Rm2k3 (RPG Maker 2003). You need to know Variables, Battle Commands, Conditions, and Common Events. Also, I'm speaking through RPG Advocate's translation, Now let's get started.

This is the Kirby System, made for the Default Battle System of RM2k3. If anyone played console games, Kirby is that little pink guy that sucks up enemies and spits them out, or just eats them. If you wish to make Kirby in an RPG, this is what the tutorial is for. And for this tutorial, I will speak for all parts I did, so it is up to you to figure out the parts you need.

Part 1: He sucks

Okay, the first thing you need to do is set up Kirby's actions. Go to Battle Layout and go into the battle commands. There are 3 commands you must make:

Inhale (Attack)
Dispel (Event or Defend)
Exhale (Attack)

Okay, now make sure Kirby has Inhale (out of those three commands you made). Next, go to Monster Group and select a group (For this tutorial, we'll have Waddle Dee, Burning Leo and Whispy). There are 3 different areas to worry about in this section.

First, set Page 1 to have the trigger "Kirby uses Inhale". Next, create a switch or variable (call it Size) and set it to a specific value. For each monster, create a Conditional Branch "If monster is targeted" and create a battle animation on the target monster. If a monster is too heavy or big for Kirby, then turn the Size switch to opposite.

How it works is that if the monster is too big, Kirby cannot do anything to it Therefore, start a Conditional Branch with "if switch [Size] is on" and include an "else statment". In the else, Stun Kirby and remove it (If anyone is confused, Stun/remove cancels the character's action but does not stop him for one turn). In this example, Whispy is too big.

Next, I have chosen three Decisions for Kirby: Exhale, Eat, and Store. There is nothing requred for Exhale, as it relates to attacking a small character anyways.

As for Eat, create a variable "Power" and set it to 0. Next, create Conditional Branches "if monster was targeted" (No need to do Whispy). What Eat does basically is killing for HP, so you can do whatever you want for the HP recover as long as you cast death on the monster. However, some monsters have abilities for Kirby like Burning Leo, so set forth "Power" to be a certain number. After all the monsters are coded, do the Stun/Remove and then set up Common Event "Power Gain" (Will be explained later).

For Store, it's taking one monster and then spitting it out on your opponent in the next turn. Set variable "Power" to -1. Next, Conditional Branches for each monster, containing variable "Victim" set to a certain number and Death. For me, I also add another variable to remember HP.
Call Common Event "Power Gain" and Stun/Remove.

This is how it should look:

If "Kirby" use "Inhale"

Switch "Size" On
If Waddle Dee=target
>Battle Animation
If Burning Leo=target
>Battle Animation
If Whispy=target
>Battle Animation
>Switch "Size" Off
If Switch "Size" On
>Show Choice (Exhale/Eat/Store)
>>>Variable "Power" 0
>>>If Waddle Dee=target
>>>>Waddle Dee-Death Add
>>>If Burning Leo=target
>>>>Burning Leo-Death Add
>>>>Variable "Power" 1
>>>Call Common "Power Gain"
>>>Kirby-Add Stun
>>>Kirby-Remove Stun
>>>Variable "Power" -1
>>>If Waddle Dee=target
>>>>Variable "Victim" 1
>>>>Waddle Dee-Death Add
>>>If Burning Leo=target
>>>>Burning Leo-Death Add
>>>>Variable "Victim" 2
>>>Call Common "Power Gain"
>>>Kirby-Stun Add
>>>Kirby-Stun Remove
>>Kirby-Stun Add
>>Kirby-Stun Remove

Part Two: He feasts

Remember the common event "Power Gain" I made you do? Well, make sure you at least create it.

First, remove all commands of Kirby. Next, make separate branches for each ability. It should be something like this (The first two are important). Also, it's possible to change facesets or subsitute command changes for class changes.

It should be like this:

Remove Kirby All Commands
If Variable "Power"= -1
>Add Kirby "Exhale"
If Variable "Power"= 0
>Add Kirby "Inhale"
If Variable "Power"= 1
>Add Kirby "Fire" (Subset)
>Add Kirby "Dispel"
>Message: Got Fire Power!
and etc.

Part 3: He dumps

Through the first two parts, when Kirby eats an enemy with a special ability, Kirby gains something like "Fire" skills. However, if the player wishes to get rid of the spell, that is where Dispel comes in.

Set up a second page in the same group using "Kirby uses Dispel". Under it, simply set Variable "Power" 0 and call Common Event "Power Gain"

Part 4: He blows

So what's the point of using Store? Well, suppose there's this heavy monster (that Kirby cannot Inhale) likes to make little minions, but you forgot your "Fire" skills at home and none of these enemies have abilities.

The third page should use "If Kirby uses Exhale". For each Variable "Victim" # Conditional Branch, remove the death condition of the appropriate monster. If you feel merciful, recover the monster's HP. After all that, Set Variable "Power" 0 and call Common Event "Power Gain".

Part Five: He dies

It would be the end of my guide from here, but all Kirby fans know that when Kirby dies, he definitely loses his abilities.

Make a new Common Event "Kirby Dies". Make a Conditional Branch "If Kirby has death condition", then implant Conditional Branch "If Variable [Power] is not 0". In there, Remove all Kirby's commands and Add Kirby's Inhale.

Next, go to the Monster Group and add a fourth page using "Turn elapse 1x starting 0" (meaning each turn from beginning). In there, call Common Event "Kirby Dies".


Now for some things:

Yes, it is possible to do classes instead of battle commands, even make classes "level up" their skills after battle. However, didn't choose to do that.

Some of the things you can do during "Power Gain" is to change your face and name to match your state.

Eat not only kills monsters and add abilities, it may even heal HP and MP. Be wary that it may also cause HP loss and some unexpected status effects.

It would be easy to put in "accuracy" to Inhale and still easy while putting in "accuracy based on HP", but too lazy to do it.

What use is this Kirby System? Well, if you're using Kirby or a character that eats, of course.

To make this easier, use Comments to mark each area.

If the system starts to lag, try setting Wait (0.0 seconds) in each event.

The only time Kirby should not have the Kirby system is if he is welding a special weapon (Dueling Sword or Star Rod for example). For that, make sure Kirby's command changes for the battle and do not put the Kirby system in that particular battle.