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Tutorial - 'Making a Shuriken System with Stacking' by Dimensionwyrm

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Gaming World's first real throw tutorial coutesy of Lunchman, this tutorial will show you how to make a single-target shuriken-throwing system using Show Choices to compensate for RM2K3's lack of targetting.


I am making this tut to answer the question in the topic here: This will make a throw system with stacking but you will have to edit each battle event. Even Azure gave up so I will try this on my own and probabaly fail but hey, it's worth a try.

I have a lot of free time today so you will recieve full code.

I'm going to use code boxes to make it stand out.
What you need:

Variables:Throwing items, condition, shuriken left

STEP 1:Making the items

Make a new item. Name it "shuriken" for now. Make it a common item. Set the rest up.
Now make an accessory(a ninja uses a katana the most so it wouldn't be a weapon) and name it Poison Shuriken. Have it raise attack if you like. Make another similar item called "Silence Shuriken".


Make a skill subset and call it "Throw Shuriken". Make it a link to event.


Make a new page in battle events with the start condition being the ninja uses the skill subset throw shuriken. FIRST make a change variable to set the variable Shuriken left to the number of shuriken held. Next make a fork to check if that number is greater than 0.

<>Var. Oper:[0003:Shuriken left]set, no. of Shuriken held
<>FORK Opt:var.[0003]more than 0

Within the fork make a show choice, 1 choice for each enemy. For simplicity I will use two bats.

Show Choice:Bat, Bat 2

In the bat choice have an input number with the variable throwing items. Make a fork to check if the shuriken left variable is more than or equal to the throwing items variable. In the fork have it remove as many shuriken as you input.

<>Input number:var.[0001]
<>FORK Opt:var.[0003][0001] greater than
<>Item Oper:Shuriken var.[0001] remove

After that multiply the variable 0001 by 5 and then decrease bat's HP by the variable. Now make a fork to check if the item posion shuriken is equipped. Set the variable condition a randm number 1-10 and if it is one inflict poison. Repeat this with silence.

<>var. oper:[0001]x, 5
<>Change Enemy HP:Bat1, var.[0001] remove
<>FORK Opt:item poisn Shuriken equipped
<>Var.Oper:[0002:Condition]set, rndm1-10
<>FORK Opt:var.[0002] is 1
<>Change enemy Condition:Bat 1, Poison inflict
:ELSE case
Insert the previous italicized code here but editing it for silence

Repeat for each enemy.

There, now you have a (hopefully) helpful tutorial on a shuriken w/ stacking system based on show choice. I hoped you liked it and if I left anything out post it or PM me.