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Tutorial - 'Battle Items' by Psi

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A tutorial on modifying the usage and feel of battle items in the default battle system.


You won't need any particular knowledge for this tutorial; it only involves the following, which is taken step by step anyway:

Creating Tech Skills
Creating Items
Creating Battle Animations
Adding Skills to Monster's behaviour

Okay, this looks complicated but is actually really simple, and avoids having to use something like
"Alex Potion uses"
which sucks.

Right, here goes.

I'm gonna use a Potion as an example, one which restores 250 HP.


Firstly, make a battle animation of anything you like (I went for no animation, with one sound effect: the same one down for Item usage)

Name the battle animation "ITEM USE"

If you plan to have a different animation for each item, then of course name each one after the desired item


Secondly, you must create the skill. No, not an item, a skill.

Make its classification "Norm"

It is absolutely necessary that it costs 0 MP!

Make the Skill's Effect Range "Single Ally"

The Using message should be something like:
(CharaName) uses a Potion

The battle animation "ITEM USE" (that you created earlier... right?) should be used, or the respective animation for the Item you are making

Make its Basis Effect 250

Make its Basic Success rate 100%

Make it have:
Hit chance 0
Mind chance 0
Variance 0
(This means it will always restore 250 HP, no more, no less)

Select HP for "Ability Up" (duh)

Just so you can identify it, name the Skill "Potion"

Okay, nearly done!


Finally, making the Item

Create an Item named "Potion"

Select the classification "Unique"

Price it however the hell you want

Number of uses should be 1

The explanation should be something like "Restore 250 HP" or whatever

Have it invoke Tech Skill "Potion"

Make sure every character can use it (unless you want an inhuman character that can't use items or something like that, another advantage of this type of "Medicine" ^_^)

Using Message should be "Based on Setup of special skill"

And you're done!


And here's how to make enemies capable of using Items!

It's as easy as double clicking an empty space in the behaviour list and clicking on skills.
Now select "Potion" from the drop box.


The other thing with this is that you can have damaging items.
For example you create a skill like "Grenade" then make a "Unique" type item that invokes the skill. Then you can have an enemy using them on you by giving them the sk