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Tutorial - 'A Simple Jump System for Beginners' by MunkyDeathHouse

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A tutorial that shows you how to implement simple jumping in your RPG.


First tutorial I've done!!!
It's quite easy!

All you really need is to know what a switch is and what is a "Move Event" command. This works for rm2k and rm2k3. I am using rm2k3 in this tutorial though. Now..

Your first job is to go to the common events page. Now, when there make a new common event set to "parallel process" and check the switch box or else your hero will continue jumping FOREVER. Anyway, check the switch box right under "Trigger Switch". Call it "Jump" or whatever you want to call it. Then go into the "Event Commands" and Make a new command. Make it "Move Event" and choose to move hero, then select Begin Jump. Next is selecting Move forward (twice). After that select end jump. Next is turning off switch "jump".
Now you have done the easy coding, which should be:

<>Move Event: Hero, Begin Jump, Move Forward, Move Forward, End Jump
<>Switch Operation: [XXXX:Jump] OFF

Now, for putting this on your map make an event that only needs the jumping switch turned ON. The scripting turns it off for you. You can have the event "touched by hero", "action key", "Same layer as hero" , or "Below hero" as long as you can access it in those ways.
When you go to the event and make it occur then your hero will jump forward in the direction he is facing. If he does do that then you followed this tutorial correctly.
To make it cooler:
Before or in the move event in your common event play a jumping sound effect before he jumps.
In the move event before the move event change the hero sprite association to a jumping graphic, then back to normal after the move event.

This is one of the jump systems you can script in rm2k/3.

P.S. Don't add me in your game credits for this. Its too easy to do this tutorial and it would waste space to put "Thanks To MunkyDeathHouse for the Jumping System".