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Tutorial - 'Simple Auto-Fight Tut for Noobs' by Guest

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An easy tutorial that shows you how to make an auto-fight scene in your RPG.


Hey, this is my first tut! excuse me if it's overly

This is an easy way to create a fight in which the player WATCHES the fight instead of actually controlling the fight.

This would be useful in creating a little realism and
entertainment value for an intro or "Movie" in the middle of a game, or wherever the hell you want to put it!!!

Knowledge needed:
Basically none! (this is incredibly simple)
battle conditions
basic rpgm2k knowledge

First of all, let's start out with a character you do-not
want to live and have around for the rest of the game:

Go into the database and create a character (of course the name or look of this character is up to you, it won't effect the outcome of the battle) look at the options menu in the bottom-left corner and set it to AI controlled.

Now, in order to start the battle, on the event of the battle, just before you have the action start, you want the code to look a bit like this:
xxxxxx= whatever name you chose for said character.

<> Change Hero's Party:xxxxx:>Add
<> Change Hero's party:Hero:>Remv
<> Strt Combat:******,*******
<> (leave this area blank,if this guy's gonna die, this area is Moot)
<> Change Hero's Party:hero:>Add

and thas aboot it for nonliving charactars.

Now, if you want this sucka to live,
you make the character normally (without the AI Controll on)
and copy'n'paste 'em. THEN change the pasted hero to AI Controlled. now the code should look a 'lil somethin' like this:

<>Change Hero's Party:xxxxxx:>remv
<>Change Hero's Party:(copy of)xxxxxx:>Add
<>Change Hero's Party:Hero:>Remv
<>Strt Combat:Bighairymonster,brickcave 5 (just an example, use whatever monsta' you like)
<>CHange Hero's Party:(copy of)xxxxxx:>Remv
<>CHange Hero's Party:xxxxxx:>Add
<>Change Hero's Party:Hero:>Add

And that does it!! now all you have to do is either set
the monsta' so that it's to hard to defeat or is too weak
to take out your character, This will add a little spice
to da' intro's!

More TUT's later.