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Tutorial - 'A More Interactive Town for Noobs' by Guest

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A simple newbie tutorial that shows you coding techniques to make your towns seen more realistic and inteactive.


I'm really a noob so for more experienced readers this may seem alittle simplistic but i think it will help other noobs achieve more interactive towns.

The first method i would like to talk about is using doors
instead of just holes in the wall. This may sound obvious but the amount of times i've seen games where there are no doors or the doors don't look relistic. Below i've put the code for a relistic door.

Play Sound Effect: Open1
Move Event: This Event - Face Right, Face Up, Face Left
Wait: 0.3 seconds
Move Event: Hero - Start Slipthrough, Step Up, Stop Slipthrough
Wait: 0.5 seconds
(add the teltport here)

The second method is using variables to create random conversations.

Variable Ch:[0001:Talking]setu, Randm{1*(how ever many forks you have)]
FORK Optn:Varbl[0001:Talking]-1(This is the FORK value)
(message 1 here)
END Case

Do the FORK as many times as you like but makesure you change the FORK value for each different fork.