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Tutorial - 'What Variables can do for YOU! Part' by masterdicko

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A newbie tutorial that shows the definition and uses of variables.


Hi there, this is my first tutorial so just bear with me...

Step 1: What are variables...

In basic, variables are things that hold numbers. They are... like a bank man who holds money. If you take money away, you have less held in the vault. Variables change as you want them to. They can also hold other things, like:
random numbers, amount of things that have happened during the game, and the exact position of the hero in the game.

Step 2:
Basic Usage of variables

Okay, up to now, you've been thinking this it for total n00bs. you'd be wrong. I have lots of trouble with variables and I've been making games for 2 years now...
Anyway, most people use variables as counters. To count certain things in the game, like... How many times you have talken to someone, or the amount of objects you have gathered (like Chocobo Panic, the amount of gems collected).
If you want, you can make things happen when this number reaches your desired number. To the CODING!
1. Start counting by having a change variable. Select the variable at the top, and add plus 1. Click OK. After this, choose a Fork Condition and select Variable and put it to 5 (for this demonstration only, you can change it if you want). Under this, put what you want to happen. There! you did it(if you understood it, if not, email me at and I'll send you an edited version.
Look out for Part 2 soon!