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Tutorial - 'Dating System' by Rpguru

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A dating system tutorial devised by CronoFantasy


-------------The start---------------

This is a tut on how to have a Dateing system like in HM (Harvest Moon)!
Start of by going in to items and make a item called s Diary
Make it a Switch
make its price be 0
Make it be limitless
And it needs to be available at field
And make it turn on a switch name it Diary

---------------The codeing-------

Now go to Common Events
Make a event called s diary
make its appearance conditions switch be Diary
make the event start condition Auto Start

Now down to the real codeing:
Set the screen tone to Red-50 Green-50 Blue-50 Chroma-100 and make the time be 10
Set message options to: Window format-Trans Window position-Down (For you noobs out there down is the do) Options-Prevent hero
from hiding.
Next make a Fork condition make it be a variable (Name the variable Diary2) set it to -1 and make it be below (Do not add else case).
Next show message, make it say Diary: -----Love page-----

-----------What you should have so far--------
The codeing so far should look like this:
<>Set Screen Tone:(R050,G050,B050,S100),1.0sec
<>Set Message Options:Trnsp,bot,auto, Disable Event Mv
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0003:Diary2]--1less
<>Messg:Diary: -----Love page-----
: : I HATE !!
End Case

------------Ending thingy---------
Just keep makeing forks only make Diary2 be 1 2 or 3 more every time and change the message to go with it
If the variable (Diary2) is at 6 make the message be

Diary: -----Love page-----
$g $g $g $g!

The $g will be a heart in the game.
What ever Diary2 is -2
If its 6 put 4 hearts if its 2 put 0 hearts if its 9 put 7 hearts.

When you are done with all the forks you want just put in this:
Make the screen tone be Red-100 Green-100 Blue-100 Chroma-100
And set message options to: Window Format-Norm Window Position-What ever you had it before changeing it to down (do)
Options-Prevent hero from hiding
And last change the switch Diary to off.

--------What that should look like-------
<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S100),1.0sec
<>Set Message Options:Norml,bot,auto, Disable Event Mv
<>Change Switch : [0001:Diary]-OFF set

------last words-----

Make there be a place where you can find the item Diary.

Now just go make events that will make the variable (Diary2) go up or down.
Glad to help you guys out! Hope it works for ya.

This tut is by: Crono Fantasy!
Any one can post this tut any where, I want people to see it and I want it to help them.
See ya all laterz!