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Tutorial - 'Item Upgrade System' by Crowen

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A tutorial that shows you how to make a system that allows the player to uprgade items in-game.


Item Upgrade System by Sora
Ok well here I am. Most of you may not know me but oh well. I am writing this tutorial on a Item Upgrade System. Basically this system allows you to upgrade various items. Well here we go.

Well first off go to the game database and click the common events tab. Name a event Item Upgrade System.Leave the call condition call and then create a show choice. Name the first three slots Potion Upgrade, Mana Water Upgrade, and Tent Upgrade. Then make the last slot cancel. Also choose the ignore option off to the right. Once you are finished with that you need to create a fork condition inside the first option and go to the second page and shoose the item option and make it so that the party has to possess a potion for the fork conditon to activate (make sure the Else option is checked). Then on the Else option create a message that says:
You don't have a potion.

Once you are finished with most of that go into your item database and create a item called Mint Leaf and make it a common item. Then go back to your common events and go back into your main fork condition and make another fork condition and make it so that the party must possess a mint leaf (make sure the else condition is checked). Press ok then go into the Else condition and make a message that says something like this:
You dont have a Mint Leaf.

Now go back to the main fork and make another show choice and for the first option make it say Create High Potion and make the other option cancel. Inside the create High Potion option make go to the first page of events and choose the item management option. Choose remove item,potion,and then for the fixed amount make it one.Do the same thing for the mint leaf. Now make another item management thing and make it add, highpotion, and 1. Then create a message that says:
Created High Potion!

That was just the basic coding. Do that for all the other choices but change the items so that you have to have different ingredients each time and so that you get different items each time. Like a mana water turning to a mana stone or a tent turning into a cabin and so on.

Now go to the map you want this to take place in and create a npc and set it so the graphic you want it to be. Make it push key. Make it so that is says something like:
Welcome to the Item Upgrade Shop!
Then go to the third page of events and go to Call Event then select the event select Item Upgrade System. There it's all done!

If you had any problems with this tutorial please contact me through pm on the forums or msn me at that was it.