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Tutorial - 'How to Make a FF-style Tent and Save Point' by Konix

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A nice tutorial by Konix detailing how you could make a save point and tent item that the old Final Fantasy games have.


Step 1 - Setting Up the Items
- Go to the "Item" tab and make 2 items, one a Common Item, and the other a Switch.
- Give them both the same name, price, description, etc.
- For the Switch item, have it turn on a switch (eg. Tent Used), and set its activation to Field-Only

Step 2 - Common Event
- Go to the "Common Event" tab and create an auto start event that activates when the Tent Used switch is turned on.
- From here you can create an event that simulates a tent being used. For example, you could change the hero sprite to that of a tent, then tint the screen, etc. Just make sure you add in a full party recovery event somewhere in there.
- At the end of the event, have it change the Tent Used switch off.

Step 3 - Making the Save Point
- Close the database and go to a random map. Now you'll have to make a save point, here's how it should look:
....[ ]....
[ ]<s>[ ]
....[ ]....

The <s> in the center is the save point itself. The [ ] surrounding it are events that swap the appropriate tent items for use on the save point.

Step 4 - The <s> Event
- Make sure this event is set to Touched by Hero, and Below Hero. The graphics should be your save point graphic.
- The code:

<>Play Sound: ice06 - (You can play whatever sound effect you want)
<>Flash Screen: (R31, G31, B31, V31), 0.5 Sec (Wait) - (Flash the screen however you want)
<>Variable Oper: [0001: Tents Owned] Set, TentCI Possessed - (Make a variable (eg. Tents Owned) that checks how much of the Common Item Tents you have)
<>Change Items: TentS V[0001] Add - (Have it give you an amount of Switch Tents based on the Tents Owned variable)
<>Change Items: TentCI 99 Remove - (Remove all Common Item Tents)
<>Save Menu Access: Allow - (Enable the save menu)

Step 5 - The [ ] Events
- Set it to Touched By Hero, and Below Hero. Don't add any graphics unless necessary for whatever reason.
- The code:

<>Variable Oper: [0002: Tents Owned2] Set, TentS Possessed - (Make a new variable (eg. Tents Owned2) that checks how much of the Switch Tents you have)
<>Change Items: TentCI V[0002] Add - (Have it give you an amount of Common Item Tents based on the Tents Owned2 variable)
<>Change Items: TentS 99 Remove - (Remove all Switch Tents)
<>Save Menu Access: Forbid - (Disable the save menu)

Note: For convenience sake, I labelled the Common Item Tent as TentCT, and the Switch Tent as TentS in the example code. However, they should be set to have identical names in the database so that the player won't notice any difference between them in-game. Also, stuff such as the names of a switches and whatnot can be changed to whatever you prefer.

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