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Tutorial - 'Item Finder Tutorial' by DavPal

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A short tutorial that shows you how to make hidden items that you need an "Item Finder" to find.


Okay, have you seen those "Item Finder" Items in Pokemon?
Now you can place those into your RM2K Game!

-==What you need:
Knowledge of events
Knowledge of switches

1. Create a common item. Call it "Item Finder".
2. In the map with the hidden item, create a new event.
3. Set the preconditions to this.
Item- Item Finder held
4. Make it play a sound. (optional)
5. Set the events to:
<>Message: You found a [item name]!
<>Add Item: [item name]
<>Switch: Founditem1 ON
6. Set the event layer to "Below Hero"
7. The trigger condition to "Push Key"
8. Add a new page and set the preconditions to this.
Switch- "Founditem1" ON
There! You're done!