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Tutorial - 'Wind Waker Item' by FouEmpire

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A detained and interesting tutorial that shows you how to make a Zelda: Wind Waker-style baton, complete with visible notes and metronome!


Making an Wind Waker Baton


For anyone who hasn’t played “Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”, a Wind Waker is a baton that acts like a musical instrument. It has five notes: Up, down, left, right and a rest. Also, It has three timings: 3/4, 4/4. and 6/4. For those who don’t understand musical timings, the first note is beats per measure (You only conduct one measure) and the second is which note is the length of one beat, in this case, a quarter note. This tutorial will discuss how to make a wind waker that plays in 3/4 time.

~Functions Used~(Names used from RM2k3)
Show Picture
Move Event, Proceed with Movement
Move Picture
Erase Picture
Key Input Processing
Jump to/Label
Variables (In this case, 5)
(Play)/Memorize(d) BGM
Play BGM/Sound
Fade BGM
Common Events

***Before you start programming***

You will need a few things. First, poses of the character that will hold the baton in up, down, left, right, and center position in a charset. Next, Pictures of your notes (Yellow diamonds with dots in the position where the note is, for instance, the upper note is a yellow diamond with a black dot in the upper portion) For the sake of this Tutorial, make your pictures 50 by 50 pixels. Finally a metronome and a metronome marker. For the metronome and marker, make an image the size of the screen with a horizontal line going all the way across. Then for the marker, put a mark in the center of the line. For notes, you can either use sound effects, or Midi’s . This tutorial uses Midi’s. I believe the notes go from Lowest to highest in the order of: Down, Left, Center, Right, Up. Use a Midi composer like Anvil Studio to create a note. The instrument does not matter. The High note is an A after Middle C and every note is one lower (G..F..E..D).

~The Events~

Wait (X): This tells you to wait for an certain amount of time depending on what Midi file you are using. For instance, your song may be 7 seconds long, while mine may be 6 or 3. Use your judgment

Move event (Pose): This tells you to move the hero character so that he/she is in the correct pose. For instance, if it is supposed to point the wand up, change their charset and make them face the correct direction.

Anything in #--# is not code-related

Any > tells you the event is part of a Conditional branch

This baton uses 2 common events to work, so:

**Event #1 “Baton Movement”**
Variables needed: 1, call it “ Show Position”
Switches Needed: 3, call them “Movement”, “Reset Metronome”, and “Stop Conducting”
Description: This event makes the hero character move the baton on the screen. While not totally needed, it is highly recommended.
--Start Event--
(Common Event, Parallel Process, Triggered by Switch “Show Position”)
Variable “Show Position” made equal to 0
Key Input processing(All keys, no wait)--#Remember, down=1, left=2, right=3, up=4 enter=5, esc =6#
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =1
>Move Event(Down Pose)
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =2
>Move Event(Left Pose)
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =3
>Move Event(Right Pose)
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =4
>Move Event(Up Pose)
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =0
>Move Event(Central/Resting Pose)
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =5
>Switch “Reset Metronome” ON
Conditional Branch: if Show Position =6
>Switch “Stop Conducting” ON
#End of Event#

That was easy, so now for the more difficult part. For this part, I will assume that your Wind Waker notes are 50 by 50 pixels. Adjust the coordinates if needed.

**Event #2 “Conducting”**

Description: In this event, you will set up and move the metronome. Also, you will start the previous event. Finally, this will also detect whether you have conducted a song properly.

Variables used: 4 “Note 1” to “Note 3” and “Show Position”

--Start Event--
Auto Start Event Triggered by the Switch “Playing WW”

Show Pic 1: Metronome Base 160/120 #X/Y#
Show Pic 2: Metronome Marker 160/120
Memorize BGM
Switch “Movement” ON
Label 1
Move Pic 2-->0/120 in .4 seconds
Move Pic 2-->160/120 in .4 Seconds
Variable “Note 1” made equal to variable “Show Position”
#I’m not going to make a list of the conditionals here, but depending on what the variable “Note 1” is, you show a picture(#3) at about 135/35, next have it play the Midi or Wav associated with the sound. For instance:
Condition: If Switch Stop Conducting is On
> Goto Label 2

Condition: If Switch “Reset Metronome” is on
>Erase picture 3
>Erase picture 4
>Erase Picture 5
>Goto label 1

Condition: If Note 1=0
>Show picture 3 (Center Note) at location 135/36
>Play BGM “Center Note“ ##Do also for the other 4 notes##

From now on, I will call this a “Play Note Event“#

Move Pic 2-->360/120 in .4 seconds
Move Pic 2-->160/120 in .4 Seconds
Play Note Event, at location 160/35 and Picture 4; variable “Note 2”
Move Pic 2-->0/120 in .4 seconds
Move Pic 2-->160/120 in .4 Seconds
Play note event at location 185/35 and picture 5; variable “Note 3”
#Now we detect if a song has been played properly. For this tutorial I will use the tune “Wind’s Requiem” which goes Up, Left, Right. so...#
Condition: if Note 1=4
>Condion: If Note 2=2
>>Condition if Note 3=3
>>>Play BGM “Wind’s Requiem”
>>>Wait (X)
>>>Stop BGM
>>>Switch “Played Wind Requiem” ON
>>>Goto Label2
Erase Picture 3,4, and 5
Goto Label 1
Label 2
Erase Pictures 1-5
Switch “Movement Off”
Switch “Playing WW” Off
Now just make an event on a map that reacts to the switch “Played Wind’s requiem” and there you go, you have created an easy to make wind waker item like the one in the Zelda game I am making: Legend of Zelda, The Master Sword, only the wind waker metronome is composed of three pictures with 6 notes in the game I am making. I hope this tutorial is useful.