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Tutorial - 'Charging Magic' by Guest

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A newbie's tutorial that shows how to make a "charging spell" that must be cast before casting the mail "damage" spell.


This is my first tutorial (YAY!!) which is about a way to charge magic 1 turn then unleash it the next, it gets rid of the need for mp.

Notes: My spell was water and my hero was Riena... you can make them whatever you want

1. Make 2 switches; water charge and water unleash

2. Make a variable called damage or something along the lines of that.

3. Now create 2 skills; set them both to switch type and only activated in battle, they should be water charge and water unleash, set the switches to the ones that correspond to the names.

4. Now make a monster group and create a new battle event, It should be activated by the switch water charge.
>(optional)Show battle animation: charge,Riena(hero using skill)
>(optional)Msg: You charge up the water spell
>change skills: Riena water unleash add
>change skills: Riena water charge remove
>switch operation: water charge off
this basically got rid of the charging spell and gave you the actual spell that damages the enemy

5. create another page activated by the switch water unleash.
>Show battle animation: Water(or whatever) on the enemy (make sure that it DOESN'T have the halt processing until animation ends box checked)
>Wait 0.1 seconds
>Variable change: damage set random between 100 and 150
>Change monster hp: decrease by amount stored in variable damage
>Change skills: Riena remove water unleash
>Change skills: Riena add water charge
>Switch operations: water unleash off
This randomly sets damage and hurts the enemy, then sets it back so you must charge again to use water.

And thats about it... Of course you can make different spells and make the damage variable set to higher numbers...