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Tutorial - 'Making "Field" Skills' by Guest

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A nice tutorial that shows you how to make skills that are meant to be used on the map (such as boulder-smashing skills, etc.)


In case my username doesn't show up for this tut,
I am DoomAtma, and this is my second tutorial, this time
on making "field" skills like in some great RPGs like Golden Sun.

If you know this already, just skip it. This is very simple, so don't feel daunted. However, it may be confusing at times. Feel free to post questions/comments. You only need a single switch for this. Yay.

Basically, a field skill is a special type of skill which can be used only on maps and has a certain effect on your surroundings. For this tut, we will use a skill called "Crush" which destroys a vulnerable rock.

First, you must create the skill. Make sure to set it to a switch type skill. You may want to play a sound effect so the player knows it is activated. Make it set a switch
on. Name it "CrushActive" or something. Also make sure that the "field" checkbox is activated, but the "battle" checkbox is not. It is completely optional to make it consume MP, although it does add a nice little MP conservation touch.

Now it is time to create a vulnerable boulder. create a new event on a map. make sure the graphic is set to a rock or boulder or whatever. You may want to add in a little hint to the player to use the skill, such as "Oooh! Lookee! A crack!" Next, create another page to the event. Make it
activated by action key, and only when the switch we previously mentioned is on. Now code the page to show a flashy battle animation(optional) on the boulder, maybe have the boulder flash a pretty color, and then erase the event. Then, of course, set the switch off. Also, make sure to set the graphic on the second page blank. Here's the code for the lazy layabouts:

<---------Menu to the left: Switch ####:"Crush" is ON
<>Show Battle Animation:Your animation, This Event
<>Flash Sprite: This Event,# Sec(Wait)
<>Erase Event
<>Switch Operation: [####:"Crush"] OFF

Well, it's looking pretty good.
Now, your player should be able to access the skill "Crush"
from the main menu, and when activated the skill should successfully destroy a boulder. However, there is still a slight problem. If you activate "Crush" without destroying a boulder, it will remain activated throughout the game until you destroy a vulnerable boulder. This is easily remedied thanks to the wonders of common events.

Create a common event, make it parallel process, and have its trigger switch be the ever-useful Crush switch. Make a message such as: "Crush activated! You may now talk at boulders to destroy them!" Next use a "Wait" command
for however much time you want the skill to be activated, and then display a message such as: "Crush's power fades".
Lastly, turn off the crush switch. Now you should have a fully-functional Crush ability!

There are almost unlimited possibilities for field skills, from "Move" to "Jump" to "Kill innocent civilian". Field skills are great for puzzles. Try to fool around with them as much as you can!