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Tutorial - 'RPGMaker 2000 Text Shortcuts' by polski

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Learn how people make certain words colored, or how you get small funky symbols in your text messages and more!


Welcome! This tutorial will show you how many RPGMaker 2000 games have accomplished to gain colored text or to add funky little symbols to messages and more! Alright, let's move on.

Section 1 - Text Colors

By putting small pieces of 'code' before text you are able to change its color.
Ex: \C[2]Bart: Hello!
Our text was just changed and that whole line of text is now set to color 2, but we must change back to our original color or we will get a whole block of 2-colored text! So here's how it should be:
Ex: \C[2]Bart:\C[0] Hello!
Now we have it so only the characters name is highlighted, a neat trick as you see in many RPGMaker 2000 games.

But there's more, there's actually a large range of colors for you to use, here's a guide:

\C[0] - Default Color
\C[1] - Blue
\C[2] - Orange
\C[3] - Grey
\C[4] - Yellow
\C[5] - Dark Red
\C[6] - Purple
\C[7] - Pink
\C[8] - Golden Orange
\C[9] - Green
\C[10] - Dark Blue
\C[11] - Red
\C[12] - Ugly Green
\C[13] - Dark Purple
\C[14] - Gold
\C[15] - Light Green
\C[16] - Dark Purple (Different shade then #13)
\C[17] - Grey-Blue
\C[18] - Dark Green
\C[19] - Brown

Section 2 - Practical Commands

Here are some simple commands that you will use in everyday RPGMaker 2000 Game coding.

\S[x] - Set the Text speeed, replacing x with a number (1 to 20) 1 is fastest.
\N[x] - Show name of hero, Replacing x with the number of the hero in the character database, putting 0 will show your leaders name
\V[x] - Show a variable with x being the variables number.
\$ - Displays your current amount of money.
\. - 1/4 of delay before next letter/word
\| - 1 delay before next letter/word
\^ - The message will end without you having to click Enter

Section 3 - Symbol Commands

Here is a long list of small symbols you can put into your game simply by putting small chunks of code.

$A Sword $a Smiling face
$B Shield $b Neutral face
$C Star of Salomon $c Sad face
$D Sun $d Sweat 1
$E Moon $e Sweat 2
$F Mercury $f Spade(clear)
$G Venus $g Hearth(clear)
$H Venus(inversed) $h Stand(clear)
$I Mars $i Club(clear)
$J Jupiter $j Spade(filled)
$K Saturn $k Hearth(filled)
$L Uranus $l Stand(filled)
$M Neptune $m Club(filled)
$N Pluto $n Skull
$O Aries $o A X
$P Taurus $p Sun
$Q Gemini $q Moon
$R Cancer $r Dot
$S Leo $s Up arrow
$T Virgo $t Right arrow
$U Libra $u Down arrow
$V Scorpio $v Left arrow
$W Sagitarius $w Up-right arrow
$X Capricorn $x Down-right arrow
$Y Aquarius $y Down-left arrow
$Z Pisces $z Up-left arrow

Section 4 - Conclusion
I hope this tutorial has helped you out in a small way to make your game just that bit better. Any comments, questions or suggestions can be directed to