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Tutorial - 'Event follow Event system' by Guest

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A easy-to-implement tutorial (by Dark Messenger) that shows you how to make an event follow a non-hero event.


Before starting work on this, you will need a good knowledge of Conditional Branch/Fork Conditions, Variables, Coordinates, and the Move Event Command.

Step 1:
Set up 4 variables and 2 Events, call them what ever you wish, but make sure you can distinguish the variables and you must tag at least 2 with an X or Y in its name. For instance:


Having set these, we move on to Step 2:

For both events, it is critical to update their X and Y coordinates constantly, so make sure that at least on event is a parallel process, input the following code:

<>Variable Oper [0001: Event1X] Set, This Event X Coord.
<>Variable Oper [0002: Event1Y] Set, This Event X Coord.

<>Variable Oper [0001: Event2X] Set, This Event X Coord.
<>Variable Oper [0002: Event2Y] Set, This Event X Coord.

Step 3:
Make sure EVENT #2 is mobile. (set its internal move event route or something.) The above commands should be coded into the event.

Go to EVENT #1 and set it to a parallel process, then input the following block of code:

<>Branch if Var [0001:Event1X] is V[0003:] Less
<>Move Event: Event#1, Move Right.
<>Branch if Var [0001:Event1X] is V[0003] Greater
<>Move Event: Event#1, Move Left.
<>Branch if Var [0002:Event1Y] is V[0004] Less
<>Move Event: Event#1, Move Down.
<>Branch if Var [0002:Event1Y] is V[0004] Greater
<>Move Event: Event#1, Move Up.

This is my first tutorial, and hopefully a helpful one, if you have any queries or problems, contact me at

Note: If event follow movement is opposed or reverse to what it should be, change the event movement from Right to Left, or from Down to Up, or whatever.