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Tutorial - 'A Good Game of Hide and Seek' by Guest

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A basic tutorial for a hide-and-seek mini-game.


Okay, I created a game of Hide and Seek that works well. Let's begin. The only thing you need are 8 switches, and severall events.

First, let's say, this woman has 6 kids, and all of them are bored. So, she wants you to play hide and seek with them. Okay, make the event, and make 6 events behind her. All 6 of those events are kids that will play hide and seek with you. When you accept the challenge, turn on a switch called Hide-n-Seek or whatever. WAIT! Before that, fade out the screen, then turn the switch on, then unfade the screen.

Okay, remember those six events, make a new page in one, have it activated by the switch you just turned on being on, and make it so it has no graphic. So, this is what happens: You accept game of hide and seek, screen fades, hideandseek switch turns on, causing the kids to vanish, screen unfades.

Okay! Now, make 6 events, each with 3 pages. Make the first page completely empty. No graphic, no commands, nothing. On the second page, make it the graphic of one of the kids, and it's activated by the hideandseek switch, and make it push key. Now, insert a message saying that you found the kid. This next step is optional. You can fade the screen, then activate a switch called Kid1, then unfade, or you can just turn on the switch.

Now, on the third page, make it activated by the switch kid1 being on, and no graphic. Now, go back to the corresponding kid event back at the start, and make a third page, activated by the switch kid1 being on, and make it the graphic of the same kid. Now, copy and paste this for all six kids, changing the switch from kid1 to kid6.
Now, go back to the woman event, and make a second page there, activated by the switch hideandseek. Make a fork condition that asks if the switch kid1 is on. Make an else case. If the switch is on, make another fork for kid2, and so on. If all 6 switches are on, then you must've found all the kids. Within the final branch, make a message saying you found them all, then make the hero get an item. And turn on one last switch, called HideandSeekdone.

Make a third page for the woman event activated by the done switch, and insert a message saying thank you. This way, you can't play the game over and over. I hope you got all that.