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Tutorial - 'Splash Screens - Rm2k' by Rast

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A tutorial explaining how to change RM2Ks 3 startup splash screens.


This tutorial explains how to change the three startup splash screens RM2K displays when you start playing a game without running it through the editor. This tutorial is broken up into three parts: How to convert PNG to XYZ (and vice-versa), how to extract the logo images, and how to import new logo images. Youll need Reshacker (from as well as a decent graphics program to do this.


If you want to use ASCIIs splash screens (like if you want to edit them, or shove all the logos onto one screen), and in order to use your own splash screens, youll need to be able to convert XYZ to PNG images.

Luckily, this isnt too hard. All you have to do is, in RM2K, go to the Raw Materials Editor, click Pictures, and then import the picture youre wanting to convert. RM2K takes both PNG and XYZ so this isnt a problem. After you import it, export it in the new format, and then delete it from your project.

Exporting the Splash Screens from RPG_RT.exe

Open up RPG_RT.exe in Reshacker, and then open the XYZ folder, and youll see three little folders in there, LOGO1, LOGO2, and LOGO3. Each one contains one resource - the XYZ splash screen image. To get them, do the following

  1. Left click on the XYZ resource file in the left pane. This should bring up a hex display of the splash screen data in the right pane.

  2. From the Action menu, choose "Save Resource as a Binary File". Do NOT right click on the file and choose Save [XYZ : Logo#], or it will save it as a hex dump and it wont work.

  3. Save your logo somewhere. Dont forget to add the .xyz extension when you save it, as no extension is applied by default by Reshacker.

Do this for each splash screen you want to extract. When youre done, you should convert them to PNG as outlined above so you can edit them.

Importing New Splash Screens into RPG_RT.exe

So, you have your new splash screens and you want to import them. First, make sure your splash screens meet the following specifications:

  1. They MUST be 320x240, 8-bit color images (the same requirements as panoramas)

  2. They need to be in XYZ format (use the conversion method above to get them into XYZ format)

Now, to get your new splash screens into RM2K, do the following:

  1. Open your RPG_RT.exe file with Reshacker, and open up your XYZ folders so you can see the splash screen resources.

  2. For each splash screen you want to replace, left click on it to bring up its data in the right pane, then right click on it and choose "Replace Resource". In the dialog that pops up, choose "Open file with new resource" and select your new XYZ file.

  3. For resource type, enter "XYZ", in all caps, without the quotes.

  4. For resource name, enter "LOGO#", in all caps, without the quotes, and replace the # with the number of the resource youre replacing (1, 2, or 3).

  5. For resource lanugage, enter "0" (like the number zero), without the quotes.

  6. Press the Replace button.

  7. Repeat the above steps for each XYZ splash screen youre replacing.

Choose File -> Save, and close Reshacker, and open your game. You should see your new splash screens. If RM2K crashes, you did something wrong. Make sure your new splash screens are the correct size, color depth, and have been properly converted to XYZ format using the above procedure.