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Tutorial - 'Dating System' by Guest

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A detailed FF7-type dating system tutorial with some article-like advice on how to best plan and implement one.


RpgMaker 2003 Sakura Wars Style Dating System:

First thing is first. You need your story. So sit on your rear for a good day or two and outline your
game. This is vital as you need to know where to insert your events into the story line. Why?
Because as funny as it would be, it would look entirely retarded if "Sally Bob" comes strolling up
to the hero during an intense, heated arguement with the villian and asks him if he thinks she's pretty.
You will become very, very confused and lose track if you don't have something to follow.

Got your story? Good! Or at least have your girls' names!

Now you have to write some more. I hope you like writing, with the exception of .png animations (I set up a grid and do mine in paint) and other aspects of the blah etc, the game is probably going to be mostly conversational/eventful.

Set up a flow chart! YAY!

A flow chart with three heroine's should start off looking something like this:

Sally Bob Sally May Sally-Joe-Bob
| | |
| | |
| | |
Am I pretty? Am I pretty? Am I pretty?
/ \
/ \
yes no
| |
*kiss* *slap*

etc...I hate flow charts too.

Okay! Now write out situational events. Ah, here comes the creativity.
Split them up into all-three-girls-interact, double-girl-interact, and single interact situations.

Situation 1: (All three)
"Who do you think is the prettiest?" asks Sally-Joe-Bob
You are!
Sally May!
Sally Bob!

To whoever chosen, you add a "point" to them. Don't ask questions. Just tally points next to their names for now.
And if you want, you can SUBTRACT a point.. OOOOOooooo!!! Math!! Or just leave no response. It is important that
you keep a tally of their points. All girls must have a chance to reach a total of lets say...20 points. Because
at an future event if they have 20 get to go on a date with that girl! Wheee!! *nose bleed*

Situations 2: (Double)
Sally Bob falls down and scrapes her knee, Sally May just happens to be there
Help her + 1 to Sally may and Sally Bob
Ignore her -1 from Sally may and Sally Bob

(or) here's where you get creative with personalities

Help her

Sally Bob, "Thanks...Frank"
Sally May, "Hmph!"
+1 to Sally Bob and -1 from Sally May


Help her

Sally Bob, "I can do it myself! Leave me alone!"
Sally May, "I think it's nice you tried to help..."
-1 from Sally Bob and +1 to Sally May
Situation 3: (Single)
Sally-Joe-Bob says she has a crush on Dennis
What?! That jerk?! -1 from Sally-Joe-Bob
You don't love me? +1 to Sally-Joe-Bob

Starting to get the picture? Good. Now for the technicalities.

Let's use situation 3:

Open a new event. For this we'll set it to Action Key, Same Layer as Hero, and change the graphic
to Sally-Joe-Bob's sprite. Double click the empty <> under Event Commands.

1. Select Change Face Graphics, choose Sally-Joe-Bob's face.
2. Create a Message: *sigh* That Dennis is such a hottie!
3. Select Show Choice:
a. Choice one: What?! That jerk?!
b. Choice two: You don't love me?
c. Set Cancellation Behavior to Execute Handler. (This is if the player tries to use Esc to get free points)
Or be creative and change it to choice one. So they lose a point! Ha, ha cheaters! Or you can be nice
and set it to choice two)
4. Double click <> under [What?! That jerk?!] handler
a. play sound: (i used decrease)
b. change face graphics to Sally-Joe-Bob's angry face
c. show message: Hmph!
d. variable operations: choose single variable. Click the "..." button to the right and create
a new variable, name it Sally-Joe-Bob (getting the picture?) Back in variable operations dialogue box,
under operation choose subtract. Now under operand choose 1. Click ok.

5. Double click <> under [You don't love me?] handler
a. play sound: (i really like jingle 2)
b. change face graphics to Sally-Joe-Bob's giggly, happy, winky, face.
c. show message: *giggle* Don't be so jealous!
d. variable operations: choose single variable, use Sally-Joe-Bob's variable. Choose add, under operation.
Under Operand choose 1. Click ok.

6. Double click <> under Cancel Handler
a. set face to grumpy
b. show message: Hey are you listening?!
c. variable operations: subtract one from sally-joe-bob's variable.

Now...understanding why you need a flow chart/tally system? You need to make sure the girls
all have a chance at the date (using double or single interaction situations). Otherwise two of them
will be in the negatives!. Which means in some cases you have to add more than one point to their

When you're done with the above steps your event should look similiar to this:

<>Change Face Graphics: Sally-Joe-Bob, 1, Left
<>Message: *sigh* That Dennis is such a hottie!
<>Show Choices: What?! That jerk?!/You don't love me?
:[What?! That jerk?!] Handler
<>Play Sound: decrease
<>Change Face Graphics: Sally-Joe-Bob, 2, Left
<>Message: Hmph!
<>Variable Oper: [0001:Sally-Joe-Bob] -, 1
:[You don't love me?] Handler
<>Play Sound: jingle2
<>Change Face Graphics: Sally-Joe-Bob, 12, Left
<>Message: *giggle* Don't be so jealous!
<>Variable Oper: [0001:Sally-Joe-Bob] +, 1
:Cancel Handler
<>Change Face Graphics: Sally-Joe-Bob, 2, Left
<>Message: Hey are you listening?!
<>Variable Oper: [0001:Sally-Joe-Bob] -, 1

Now later in the game the hero ponders on going on a date...but who will he take?
So set up a new event when you get to that point in the game, where you know when
to set it up because you've conveniently and responsibly marked it down on your
story, flow chart, outline, etc! *smiles*

Set up the event however you want. But when it comes to who he's going to take
use a conditional branch. Set it to: if Variable 0001:Sally-Joe-Bob is equal to 20.
Click ok. Continue the event however you want under that branch. Under else case, create
another conditional branch (a conditional branch within a conditional branch) If Variable
0002:Sally May is equal to 20. Continue event however you want under that branch.
Under Sally May's else case create yet again another conditional branch. If variable 0003:
Sally Bob is equal to 20. Continue the event however you want. Leave Sally Bob's else
calse blank or be creative and do something with it.

That's pretty much it..

But wait! In Sakura Wars if you were nice to the girls they were stronger in battle! AHA!!
I'm glad you asked. In that case you use Change Experience Points/Change Character Level/
(Change Character Base Statisitics!!)/Change Skills, and so forth at a conditional branch
before the battle or at the given situation when the girl asks if you think she's pretty, etc...

Hope this helps.

Note: For use with rpgmaker 2000 (for those who have a hard time w/ version differences):

Instead of: Use:
Variable Operations Change Variable
Face Operations Select Face
Conditional Branch Fork Options