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Tutorial - 'Making a Bed in RM2K/3' by Guest

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A newbie tutorial about making a bed that you can sleep on (as opposed to an inn).


Making a bed!

All you need to know is…..
-Play BGM
-Full Recovery
-and of course, events!

Now, first you need to find a suitable area to place your bed (an Inn). The first event you make would be the top part of the bed (If the character can reach it, if not, just bed a normal bed top piece there). Have it show a message like, Would you like to take a nap? Then have 2 choices show up, yes or no. Under yes, the first event should be Erase screen-Fade-Out. Then have it play a suitable BGM (Inn 3 is what I used). Now, make sure you know how long the BGM lasts, for Inn 3, that would be 7 sec. Add the wait command below play BGM, and have it wait for the BGM’s play time. Then add the command to Show Screen-Fade In. Next select Play BGM, this time setting it to the maps BGM. Last add the command for Full Recovery for the entire party. Under the choice of No, put nothing.

It should look something like this…..

<>Message: Would you like to take a nap?
<>Show Choice: Yes/No
:[Yes] Case
<>Erase Screen: Fade-Out
<>Play BGM: Inn3
<>Wait: 7.0sec
<>Show Screen: Fade-In
<>Play BGM: (whatever)
<>Full Recovery:[All Members]
:[No] Case
:End Case

Then for the bottom part of the bed, same thing yet different graphic! That’s it, simple and easy!

~VaunFinnel~ If you have any questions, e-mail me at: