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Tutorial - 'Random Treasure Chest Items' by Crowen

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A random chest tutorial by Sora.


Well um....I was bored and stuff so this is the result and stuff so yah.:).Well anyways I'm Sora and I am (duh) writing this tutorial on how to make the player get random items from treasure chests.

Step 1:
First off you need to create your event(set it to a graphic whatever you choose)make sure it is activated by push key.Now inside of the coding create a variable and name it Random Treasures and make it set to a random number(1-3 for this).And after you are done with that I guess you are done with step 1 I guess.....No wai-.....okey you are....

Step 2:
After that create a fork and make it activate if the variable "Random Treasures" equals 1.The else box SHOULDN'T be checked.Now inside the fork create a message that says something fancy about finding whatever item you choose and then create the add item thingo and make it add the item and the item amount you said in your message.

Now do the same thing 2 more times except change the 1 to a 2,item to another item,etc.You get the idea?Well that is really all there is too it.Simple I know but some people don't know.

If you want to see what the coding looks like go to this fancy place and look:

Just pm me or leave comments if you need to say anything important...