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Tutorial - 'Intro Tutorial' by Sd-

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Another introduction tutorial.


Hello this is a tutorial writen by Sd-.
In this tutorial you can learn to make your own unique Intro/cutscene's.

first of all you need to have some knowledge of Rpg Maker 2000/2003.
All you need to know:
- Teleport
- Show Message
- Switches
- Panorama's

This tutorial will only show you how to make a simple intro/cutscene. So this will not be the
most beautiful intro you will ever see.

First of all start with making a map. Call it Intro1. Give it 20/15 in the dimensions sector.
Then you click ok. Open the database by clicking on the icon or pressing F8. Go to the system
section and set the first hero in party on none. Click ok and go back to the Into1 map.
Make the whole map transparant with the pink/green or whatever the transparant color is.

Second you need to make a event by pressing F7 you will get to the event section.
Press the right mouse button somewhere on the map, and place the starting party event.
Click somewhere else on the map and make an event. Set the trigger condition on auto start.
Call the event Intro Handler. Doubleclick on the events command section and in the first tab you
will see massage display options. Click on it and set the window type on transparant, the
window possition on middle and uncheck the autoselect window possition to prevent hero from being....

Next use the show message command and type this in it for the example:

There was a world that was hidden from demons.
Peace has been keepen for thousands of years.
But then the demons found the world and chaos
existed again.

Next set teleport to the second map and set the paralel background to anything you like.
Make the background transparant again. Make another event and set it to auto start.
Use show message again and type this:

17 years ago a hero has been borned
in the town of Caldra. That day has been
remembered ever since.

Second show message:

But now the hero is up to save the

After that fade the screen to black with the command Hide Screen and fade out in
the 2nd tab of the event commands.
Then change party and add the member you want to start with. Teleport to the beginning map of
your game. And use the command Show Screen Fade in.

After you've done all this you will know to make a simple intro. To make your intro more beautiful.
Try using pictures, battle animations and character sets. But this is the first basic of making your own
unique intro.

Greetz, Sd-