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A collection of "stuff" that didn't quite make it to the front page of GW, but is still useful enough that they need to be posted somewhere. (I'll discussing this over with Bart and the other staff members, and it they disapprove of this, then I will remove it immediately. Please share your thoughts on whether this is a good idea, as well).



This FAQ is meant to be a collection of all the little FAQs and simple/extremely short newbie tutorials that did not make it to the main page.

Table of Contents

How to Cut Lag in RM2K - By: Inoran

Okay, in my game, I use a lot of pictures, and alot of times right after a i make a big event with pictures, it lags alot. This is what i've always done to kill the lag, without having to remove anything and still keeping all the pictures. I'm not quite sure why it works but it has many many times for me. It's quite simple really:

1. Take what ever massive event or page you have that you think makes it lag (usually your newest event) and cut it -not delete.

2. Now go and test play the game with the event still being cut.

3. After you've run the map that has the event on it, go back and put the event or page where you had it.

4. The event should run much more smoothly from now on, without lag, or with much less lag anyway.

This has worked many many times for me, and i hope it works okay for you.


Separating the Database from the Rest (for team projects) - By: cute eiko

hellow folks, I am going to explain how you can make the rpg maker 2000/2003
database separate from the rest of the game.

This tutorial is very short because it's very easy to do.

Many think making a game with the database separate from the maps is impossible to do
because one person can only make the game itself.
I'll prove them wrong.

You can let someone make the DATABASE
You can let someone make the maps and storyline

I know what you will think.
"But the database can't be seperated from the maps."


I'll teach you how you can let someone make the maps and let
someone make the database and combine them together later on.

1: Let someone make the database,

when it's done you can send your database to your pal who needs it.
to do this:

2: Open your project map where all your resource maps are and other maps
3: Copy the file "RPG_RT.ldb" This is the database file! and send it to your friend
Copy also all the resources that have been used and zip them all into one file.
4: send it to your friend

This is my first tutorial, hope you liked it
Don't rip this from me!

if you got any questions mail me at:
marin van noord

Creating Backgrounds for RM2K DBS - By: finalfantasyboy

This is actually a simple tutorial. Okay, lets say you have a Chipset and you have no battle background to match it? No problem, dont change the chipset! I'm here to tell you how to work alongside this problem!

Okay, First, make a 20 x 15 map and using the Chipset create a battle background(again, using the chipset) Now, test play the map (Make sure you have no party members)Test play the map on Full Screen Mode and hit the Print Screen Button on your keyboard. Exit the RM2K program and open something like paint and create a new image. Click on the Edit button on the toolbar and click Paste. You're map should be pasted on the new Image File. Now, save it into your current project in the Battle Folder. Make sure to save it as a PNG(Portable Networks Graphic), BMP(Bitmap),or XYZ (no idea how to do this?). Now, change your maps battle background to the new one and start a battle on this map. The battle Background should match that of your Area's chipset perfectly.

Personally, I do this for every map I make, but if you choose to do this for only a few of them.

Until Next Time, FinalFantasyBoy logging out!

How to make a war cry - By: Guest

Do you want to have a skill in your game
in which your player trys to scare away the enemy?
well here is how to do it.

1. Make a switch skill called Warcry. Put a sound effect such as a roar or somthing and make it turn on a switch called Warcry.

2. Make a battle event called yell. Make switch on by Warcry.

3. Put in this code:

<>Variable Oper: [0010:yell] Set, Rnd [x- x]
<>Branch if Var [0010:yell] is x
<>Message: The monsters ran away!
<>End Battle
: Else Handler
<>Message: The monsters arent afraid.

4. Copy this for EVERY monster group.

Thats how you make a warcry skill. This was my first tut so bear with me!

Single/Multiple Spell Control - By Guest

This is a pretty simple tutorial, that no one should have a problem with. This should be recommended for newbies, or for users who haven't even thought of the idea.

Say you only want to be able to cast single spells during the game and at some point, you find a secret/key item that expands your spell casting capabilites. Simple, when you add the particular item into your inventory, all you have to do is turn on a corresponding switch to activate a common event which will automatically learn the chosen character with the multiple spells.

Note: An item doesn't always have to trigger this kind of event, perhaps you pull through a death defying scenario and someone/something powerful bestows the abilities onto you. (Rather like the Cloister of Trials in FFX).

I hope this should be useful to the newbies.