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Tutorial - 'Learn Grammar Pt. 1' by Dimensionwyrm

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A tutorial from Lunchman that shows "aol speekas" how to use proper grammar on the internet :P.


Welcome to part 1 of my grammar tutorials where you will learn good english. Therefore you won't sound like an idiot on the forums.
I will give you an overview of punctuations here.

"!"-The exlamation point. It is used to express surprise or excitement.
"@"This sign usually means "at" and is used in email addresses.
"#"-The number sign. It is used to show the word number instead of writing out number or no., which is the abbreviation.
"$"-Money! This shows money and is used on the US dollar.
"%"Percent. This shows a percentage, or a part, of a number. For example, 25% of 200 is 50 because 50 is 25% of 200 because 25 is 25% of 100. 100 multiplied by 2 gets 200.
"^"This means up. Sometimes it is used to show emotion in conjunction with other puncuations.
"&"-And. This is used in place of the word and.
"*"-Asterisk. Usually used to show a footnote which is at the end of a page, or post in forums.
"()"-Parentheses. Used to show something to show the cause. For example, "I got RM2K3(The legal one)last night!" That shows that in case the reader doesn't know your meaning it will describe in detail.
"-"-Hyphen. Used to connect words and if a word can't fit at the end of a line you can use a hyphen at a syllable to break the word apart.
"+"-Plus sign. Used to show the plus sign.
"="-Equal sign. Used to show "Equals".
"[]and{}"-brackets. Similar to parentheses.
": and ;"-colon and semicolon. Used to show something like "Hi. I like:RM2K, RM2K3, Gamemaker, and Sphere!"
" "" "-Quotes. Used to show a sentence or, as you have seen by now, to show a name.
"'"`-Apostrophe. Used to make contractions such as can't instead of can not and we'll instead of we will.
"<>"Left and right. Similar to up.
","Comma. Used to break up long sentences or to write a list. A comma is where you would breathe when saying it aloud.
"?"Question mark. To show a question.
"/"slash. To show or.
"\"Backslash". A backwards slash and used in code.
"x"multiply. Yes it is the letter x but they look the same. Shows multiplied.


"."THE PERIOD!! Used to show the end of a sentence. USE THIS PLEASE. And after a period is placed put a space before continuing just like you would to a regular letter.