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Tutorial - 'GameMaker Planning' by Guest

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Tihs one is about planning out your Gamemaker Game.


GameMaker Planning: Part I

Hi! This Tutorial will help you Plan out your game in GameMaker.
Well, let’s start!

There are 3 main things to think about when planning a game:

1. What the storyline is
2. what rescores you will be able to use
3. what planning you are willing to go through

I will cover that now

1. What the storyline is

Every game is based on a story take Zelda for example. When making and planning a game you must think what the storyline is. To start a storyline take 1 idea and work around it.
For example a boy whose uncle died. Then MI6 took hold of him and made him a spy. You’ve just got a whole game from that but don’t take that idea coz I’m making a game like that :)
Be creative coz there are so many ideas to choose ( look at my GameMaker Planning: Ideas for some ideas)

2. what rescores you will be able to use

As you might know, rescores are made out of SPRITES, SOUNDS, BACKGROUNDS and TILES.
Let’s work through them.
Sprites are images, the pictures of the characters and objects.
Sounds are the music and beeps of your games. They make games more interesting.
Backgrounds can be any colour or a picture (i.e. a sunset)
Tiles are things like platforms and houses that don’t do anything but make your games more appealing in graphical terms.

3. what planning you are willing to go through

Planning can be set in a lot of different formats. You can write it down, you can draw it . Planning sometimes takes so long that it will double or even triple the time that you estimated your game would take. You must really want to make the game and say to yourself “I don’t care how long this takes no matter what it takes I am going to make this game and that’s that” (just some words of encouragement :)
A lot of the games you see in the shops have took years to make and half that time was planning. Planning is a vital part of making a game.

Have fun!

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