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Tutorial - 'Random NPC Generator' by plopo

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Tired of cliche and NPCs that are always the same? Need something different? Then check this one out!


This is rather easy, and all u needa know is how to use variables and switches.

About: in this tutorial im gonna show a simple way to make your game more interesting, im doing this all typing and not actually looking at this so i might not explain too well, but here goes.

1.ok, first you want to make like 30 different npcs for every map, each one saying different things, and you can implement anything u want into that. choose about 10 different switches to put them on,or use more, it dosnt matter what switch each of them are on, for example there could be 4 on switch 3, but only 1 on switch 7.

2. make sure u know who is on what switch for later.

3.ok next you want to make an event, just lay it down on the first map,make it auto start. make fork condition. if var:chargen =0: variable operations: variable:number_roll.
random number 1-30.

5. now this is when you get creative yourself, just set it up so sertain values of the variable activates certain switches. Make 29 fork conditions, make one for each number that was possible in the number roll. Like

if variable:number_roll= 8
turn on switch 1
turn on switch 2

just toss the switches and numbers around.

6. now go to variable operations and add 1 to variable:chargen.and go to erase event,for rm2k3, im not sure if rm2k has erase event. now save, then copy it. now get rid of the first fork condition and add any conditions you want, and paste them on every teleport event.

7. and youre done, something simple for something effective. If done properly different characters should spawn almost every time you go onto that map.

Well thats it, feel free to mess around with any parts of this, i thought of it while i was making my modern open ended rm2k3 game, and it works real well with my variable based day system. this way you will never see the same people in the same places all the time, making the game a bit more interesting.

see it in my game "title under construction :P" the alpha version should be coming soon :)