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Tutorial - 'Teleportation Item' by ZD23

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Another tutorial on items that teleport you to a recorded place? This one is very basic, and designed for the new users to the rpg making business!


Welcome class! Today you're going to learn how to make a teleportation item.

What it does : You open the item menu and use it, a prompt comes up asking if you want to record a new location, or goto a recorded location. Recording a new location overwrites the previous one. Goto a recorded location transports you to the recorded location.

What you need to know :

-Common Events

Ok, time to get to work! Open up the Database, go to the item tab. Create a new item.

Make it a switch, make the price anything you want, name it anything you want, make the description anything you want, and have the use time set to "Limitless". And have the switch set to something like "Tele ON"

Now, open the common events tab and make a new event.

Name it anything, and have it turn on when the switch "Tele ON" is turned on.

Now, time to make the actuall event. Have a show message command, have it say something like "What do you want to do?" And then create a show choice command, have it have the choices "Record Location, Goto". When they choose "Goto" have it check the variables "Map ID, HeroX, HeroY" (you will have to create those) to see if they are equal to 0, if they are. Have a show message like "You don't have a location to go to!" and then turn off the "Tele ON" switch.

In the "Record Location" command, have a message saying. "Recording new data will erase previous?" and then have a show choice saying "yes" or "no" in the no simply make it turn off the "Tele ON" switch. In the yes, do a "memorize location" command, store the Map ID in the "Map ID" variable. The X in the "HeroX" variable, and the Y in the "HeroY" variable. Then have it say something like "Location recorded!" and then have it turn off the "Tele ON" switch.

Now, there may be some problems on plot events. You enter a cave, the entrace collapses, use the tele item to escape!

There are ways around that. You can place a fork option in the common event that checks for the switch "Disabled" before doing anything, if "Disabled" is on have a show message saying "You can't teleport right now!" and then turn off the "Tele ON" switch. If "Disabled" is off, simply have it execute the Tele Item commands. And to reset the location, simply have an event that changes the variables "MapID, HeroX, HeroY" all to zero.

This has been another tut by ZD23! Hope this helped!