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Tutorial - 'Using two chipsets on one map' by hebobbit

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How to use two different chipsets on one rm2k map


Really I dont care anyone can post this tutorial
just please email me at if
you do XD. ANYWAYS on to the good stuff:

This tutorial is really not the complexed you just need
to be thinking, and you need to know how to panoramas and
a little math, but the effect is awesome you have the ability
to use as many chipsets as you want in a single map, without
using the annoying change chipset... command event.
Things you should know:
a)a little math
b)how to use I Draw
c)some RM2K knowledge

2)Step One: Create the Map
The first step is to make your map using one of the chipsets
it should be more of your base chipset with the grass trees
maybe some houses it all depends on what your trying to do.
Once your finished that the tricky part comes in play:

3)Step Two: Do a Little Math
Once youve got your map finished open IDraw (any will do
but I totally recommend this) and make a new picture there
are two things you must make sure of before you make the
picture though:

A)It must have the same pallette of you first
B)It must have the right length and width.

To find the right height and width open your maps properties
and find the X and Y of your maps size and use these two equations:
X * 16 = Maps width
Y * 16 = Maps height

4)Step Four: Copy and Pasting....
Now that youve got your IDraw picture open take off all the events
off your map and make your hero a blank character set. Then go to the
far left corner of the screen, then press PRINT SRCN. then open
your I Draw picture and paste the screenshot into your far right corner
then do it again this time start your character more in the top middle
of your map, keep doing this untail youve copied the whole map into your
picture. Then save your picture as a panorama. Open RPG Maker 2000
make a new map with the same height and width and make the panorama we just
made, your panorama. Then choose a new chipset and youve used 2 chipsets in one

-hebobbit (