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Tutorial - 'Position Relative Stationary Map' by Guest

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A well written tutorial about finding your position on a map.


I’m going to keep this fairly short and as easy to understand as possible. This is my first Tutorial so bare with me if I’m a little sloppy.

This will hopefully teach you how to make a map that you can pull up with an item and see your location and the surrounding terrain. It’s pretty easy so long as you understand how to assign character coordinates to a variable.

I made a big map, one that was 3200 pixels wide and tall (that means 200 squares of tiles, each tile is 16*16), then made a river run through it and added a few buildings and some trees, ect… You should make your map the same way. Then open up you’re paint program, it doesn’t really matter which. Then make the canvas the same width as your map, for every one square on your rm2k map make the picture one pixel, so the example above was 200 pixels wide, if your rm2k map was 61 squares wide then you want the picture to be 61 pixels wide! Do the exact same thing but with height. So my rm2k map, which had 200x200 tiles, has a map to go with it that is 200x200 pixels!

The next step is drawing your structures on the map. Hover your mouse over the corner of some structure of object in rm2k you want marked on your map, then memorize the coordinates (down at the bottom of the screen, those two sets of numbers that tell you where you mouse is) and mark the exact place on your map where the numbers are the same, then do the other three corners until you have the obstruction on your map, do this to what ever you want on it. Then draw the picture that marks your location on the rm2k map, this can be a simple dot or maybe your characters head, any thing! (but it’s best to keep it small and brightly colored, about 6x6 pixels and red so you know exactly where you are but can still see it). Add anything you want to your map to make it stand out, I like to border the map with thorny plants and roses rapped around a sword, but you can do what ever you want.

Import both the map and blip(the icon that represents your position) into the game and create a switch item, name it ‘map’ or something, make sure it has unlimited uses(unless you want to only be able to use it once). Make it activate a switch (name it map) and then go to common events.

Create a new common event, name it Map and make it auto-start with a switch(the switch you activate with the item). Then follow these steps;

1) Set password so that it’s activated when cancel or action is hit (5 & 6) and store it in a variable(I’ll call it MapEnd).
2) Make a variable BlipX(suggested name) and set it to follow your character X position(if you don’t know, that’s one of the options in the variable menu)
3) Make a variable BlipY(suggested name) and set it to follow your character Y position
4) *Add to BlipX the difference between the left of the screen to the left side of the map (come back to this later, right now leave it 0)
5) *Add to BlipY the difference between the top of the screen to the top of the map (come back to this later, right now leave it 0)
6) Draw the map, don’t mess around with the position on the screen. Make sure that the transparency is set to none.
7) Draw the blip, make it’s X and Y position equal to the Variables BlipX and BlipY, there’s an action in the show picture event for this.
8) Make a fork condition for when MapEnd is more than five and uncheck else.
9) In the fork command make erase both the map and the blip, this makes it so that when you press either action or cancel (space or esc) the map closes! Then change the switch you made earlier off, otherwise it just keeps repeating to no end!

Now check how it works. *You may notice that you’re blip icon is a little to far to the left or to far above you, to correct this go back to 4 & 5 and add the difference between your actual X or Y point on the map. On my map I had to add 32 to BlipX and 16 to BlipY, this takes a little trial and error, but man does it look cool!

I did this without rm2k in front of me, so sorry if I got a few things wrong but I think I’ve captured the basic concept beautifully and quite effectively if I may say so myself. This is a far better map then the one on the sample, but the basic concept is about the same.

I think that if you change it to a parallel process and make the map 50% transparent and add a wait 0.1 second command to it then it would be kind of like the map on Diablo, where you walk around and your map changes as you walk! But I haven’t tested it, so I’m not sure. It’s possible to make the blip an arrow that changes directions based on which direction your facing, but it’s pretty pointless unless your doing the Diablo map described above. You can figure this out yourself.

Another thing you might want to do is tint the screen, so the back ground changes color but the picture stays the same, that’s what I did.

Like I said earlier, this was my first tutorial. I’m pretty sure it sucked. You be the judge…