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Tutorial - 'Weapon Proficiencies' by Guest

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A tutorial about making Weapon Proficiencies!


Alright, don't know if this has been done yet, but if it hasn't, you would be reading this, so I win! Anyway...

This tutorial tells you how to make weapon proficiencies. What are those, you may ask? If you've ever played an MUD like Achaea or Aetolia, proficiencies are skills that let you use a certain type of weapon.

Things you need to know:

Common Events

"But you can just make it so a weapon can be used by someone! What's the point!?", I hear you cry? Well proficiencies are made to be learned. How are you going to make it so you can use a certain type of weapon when you get the proficiency? Well that's that the scope of this tutorial is!

First off, the whole coding and stuff of weapon proficiencies uses the "fake bullet real bullet" system used by Psi in his ammo tutorial (, so credits to him. I've kinda switched it around a bit, but the original concept was made by him.

First off, you need to choose what character can learn which proficiencies, duh. Want your sexy heroine to be able to use a bow sometime in the story? Or your mighty knight to learn how to slash with a sword and bash things with a mace? Or your nimble dragoon learning how to use a spear, a trident, and a pitchfork? Or..I'll shut up now.

Now, first off, we need to create the weapons your characters will be proficient in. For example, say you want your heroine Marsha to use throwing discs when she gets the ability. Create one item called "Throwing Disc" and give it the weapon classification. Adjust stats, effects, whatever you like. Now make a second item called "Throwing Disc 2" and make it a common item.

Now make a skill called Prof: Throwing Disc. Make it a Switch skill, but don't have it turn on any switches. This is a placeholder skill, you'll see in a minute.

Now go to the Common Events tab. This is the area where you activate events that go on all the time, or whenever you like, or whatever. Make an event called "MarshaDisc" or anything to your liking. Make it a parallel process.

This is where Psi's code comes in.

Now, first off, make a Conditional Branch. Make it so the trigger is if Marsha has the skill Prof: Throwing Disc. Now under the branch, put in a Variable Operation: set the number of Throwing Disc 2s owned equal to Variable "MarshaDisc" or whatever you want to call it, then add Throwing Discs equal to variable MarshaDisc, set Variable MarshaDisc to 0, then remove 99 Throwing Disc 2.

Under else case, set the number of Throwing Discs owned equal to variable MarshaDisc. Then add Throwing Disc 2 equal to Variable MarshaDisc, set the variable to 0, and remove 99 throwing discs. The coding is:

<>Branch: Marsha Prof: Throwing Disc Usable
<>Variable Oper: [0001] Set, Throwing Disc 2 Possessed
<>Change Items: Throwing Disc V[0001] Add
<>Variable Oper: [0001] Set, 0
<>Change Items: Throwing Disc 2 99 Remove
<>Else Handler
<>Variable Oper: [0001] Set, Throwing Disc Possessed
<>Change Items: Throwing Disc 2 V[0001] Add
<>Variable Oper: [0001] Set, 0
<>Change Items: Throwing Disc 99 Remove

What does this do? First, it checks if Marsha has the skill or "proficiency" of throwing discs. If she does, it takes the Throwing Disc 2 (both names will be the same soon), and put the number it has in the Variable MarshaDisc. Then the game will add the item Throwing Disc equal to the variable, and remove all the "fake discs". In a nutshell, it takes out the unusuable common item Throwing Disc and changes it into a usable weapon behind the scenes, but to do that you need the proficiency! Make sense? I hope.

Are there any catches? Yes, there are. First off, if anyone else in your party is labeled as being able to use throwing discs, you only need Marsha or whoever to have the proficiency to have the others use it. You have one of two options:

1) Have only one disc user in your group (or whatever weapon)
2) Make a whole new common event and another set of fake and real discs that are the same as the previous except change the person that it searches the skill for.

The second option allows more variety, but it's a helluva lotta coding especially if you have lots of heroes and weapons. That's why I like to keep it simple, but I don't make your games, do I? :)

Now if this all works (I hope), change the real and fake throwing disc names both to Throwing Disc, and voila! You have a weapon proficiency!

This tutorial was written by a guest of GamingW, and doesn't have a username (yet). You're welcome to send emails at Willinator@gmailcom if you want.